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site navigation as a product to do, like Taobao to sell things, not big and complete, small and fine, will be a way out, firstly, we analyze the general situation of the site navigation do good fixed traffic sources at present, the pressure in the site navigation station is the head of the three big mountains hao123, 265, 114la, their sites are large, to shake the very man, hao123 is the earliest site navigation like Chinaz, as we all know, 265 is his unique way of publicity and domain traffic in 114la product support, they have a fixed source of traffic, there are some fixed products of course you will flow the user contribution, said there is a lot of traffic site navigation are very good, now, they all have their own contribution to the product (such as rogue software and so on);

secondly, we analyze the different web site navigation content personalization, once can easily apply in hao123 included, not now, he is a classic, the user experience is not good, too many ads are not very strict auditing; 265 is a non site navigation is often more than the whole. The wide in personality is distributed grassroots website, the laggards my286 is only for the navigation site navigation station, we do site navigation whether should learn? Have their own personality, not for PR and PR, to flow and flow.

and transformation of our income rate to the highest? If the navigation content on your site without discrimination, traffic is not very high, the income is certainly not big enough, if can be maximized? As a product to do site navigation, we can do a site navigation, such as many of the group purchase class site navigation, do not know is not my problem, I do not know how to do it anyway, do not know what is good? Do the group purchase navigation, it is better to be a regional group purchase site, for example, yesterday I went to Guangzhou the group purchase website has those who use Baidu Search found my God and don’t know what to do? Do a small enough and practical site navigation products, not blindly pursuing big and complete.

in short, the site navigation this thing is big and all is not suitable, and the future development is more vertical type, more personalized web site navigation, seize this, I think there are still opportunities.

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