n the former nternet era KEA has these nternet thinking



recently marketing industry’s most popular saying, is the Internet thinking, millet mobile phone and Huang Taiji case was repeatedly cited pancakes, even useful Internet thinking to subvert the traditional industry view. What exactly is Internet thinking? Different people may see different priorities. In fact, many often referred to the Internet thinking, IKEA has been in use. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently cited aspects of how IKEA did it.

ultimate thinking: beyond the user’s imagination

in the Internet business, in order to better meet the needs of users, there is "product manager" position, specializing in user needs mining and analysis. While IKEA, the depth of cognition based on the needs of users, also really do so every access to IKEA consumers surprise (the word has been deeply embedded into the IKEA brand value), when you first enter the IKEA can find the sofa sit, the bed can easily trip, children’s products are can play, as long as a piece of ice cream…… It would be a bit unexpected.

fans thinking: make fans contribute

many stores have a membership system, and many people have countless membership cards in their pockets. And in IKEA, the members really follow the rhythm of the fans to develop. In addition to the exclusive products and regions, members have exclusive activities and publications. Worldwide, IKEA members contributed three times as much sales as non members. Of course, not all of the members are fans, so what is the standard to judge the membership as a fan? It’s not how much you spend, but the number of times you spend. This idea is interesting.

free thinking: reduce the use threshold

free coffee, unlimited refills, this is very surprising for free. The abuse to what extent? There is a spontaneous intimate activities in Shanghai IKEA restaurant every Thursday afternoon, mom and dad have to IKEA point free coffee, began to exchange their information, or their own information, and then find the future son-in-law or daughter-in-law, or to find a wife. I don’t know if this activity has been carried out yet. Coffee is free anyway. There is a free children’s Park, every weekend will soon be filled. Several times I saw the parents with children’s IKEA staff said my child Ruanmoyingpao, although a high enough, please give him inside.

traffic thinking: traffic is money,

can compete with IKEA’s traffic. Maybe it’s the grocery market. After I left IKEA, I went to a friend’s store for a year, and every guest came with ten fingers. I was very depressed, colleagues say not depressed, even Meikailong are like that, what are you so depressed. But I am still very depressed, if the store itself has nothing to attract customers, often think of you, often come to see you >

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