Differentiation a successful password for a web site

site navigation station to blossom everywhere, is besieged on all sides. But for those who are good at innovation, it is both a challenge and a new opportunity. Why is opportunity, how to seize the opportunity,


opportunities, opportunities, opportunities, or opportunities are favorable conditions and circumstances. Well, at present, there are no favorable conditions and environment for the construction of the website station? There are still some serious analysis. At present, although the website is many, but the homogeneity phenomenon is serious, the innovation website is also extremely rare. This situation provides us with more room for innovation. As long as good at innovation, innovation is still possible in the compny site stand out a piece of heaven and earth.

innovation is to take the differentiation route, and build a unique site navigation. How do you do that,

?Differentiation of

forms. Make innovations in layout, navigation, and so forth. Now the layout of the navigation station has the same phenomenon. If you can investigate the needs of Internet users on the basis of the design of a new interface, itself is innovation. In terms of navigation, there is more room for innovation. At present, many navigation stations are out of order, and it is not convenient to find the url. In response to this problem, 1516 site navigation has been innovative: Home navigation bar does not simply put the classification of the site, but in alphabetical order of the first letter of the arrangement of the classification. As a result, the site appears to be in good order and easy to find. At the same time, a special phonetic navigation panel has been set up. Hover the mouse in a letter home station navigation fast navigation bar switch, the system will automatically list Pinyin beginning with that letter category. At the same time, the classification of cool navigation (the next row), where the upper left corner. Page navigation (Ming PAI), in order for the first letter of alphabet. This innovation is very convenient for users.

content differentiation. Many web sites are built from downloadable programs, not transformed at all, not to mention innovations, and forms and content can be called plagiarism. There is no future for such websites. Content should be innovative, that is, to give users some new things, to achieve "no one I have, people have my advantage."". 1516, website navigation has stepped out of the way in content differentiation. At first, it sets up Chinese quips and English word of the day, to attract a lot of users. It also pioneered the "PowerWord" function on the home page search engine, attracting countless English learning young people. Web site collection is also part of content innovation. Local web site navigation, industry website navigation, service specific groups of Web site navigation, are collected through the web site to achieve content differentiation, so as to achieve innovation.

Differentiation of

technology. Web sites require technological innovation. Without technological innovation, there will be no management innovation; without management innovation, there will be no bright future for the website. The website manages tens of thousands of websites, and how to manage and manage them well. What can we do? Only by technological innovation. 1516, web site navigation has developed the URL automatically in the website station

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