ntelligent station and manual station which good

              for the emergence of intelligent station in recent years, many network companies are in the evaluation, almost all do not agree with the intelligent site for the station. So, what is the difference between the bottom of the intelligent station and the manual website, intelligent station is really not desirable? Now let’s analyze:

                 ; first of all to clear up a concept, intelligent site is not self-help station. Self-help can only use the template to site, all the features are good custom framework, users only need to modify the relevant text and images can be obtained by a web site, and the establishment of the intelligent, is actually a self-help upgrade, and the intelligent optimization function not only has a website, also has its own characteristics. Intelligent site, you can customize the site, that is to say, you can make personalized web site, the biggest feature of intelligent station is that you can be separated into an independent background, this self-help Station can not be compared.

                        look at the web site is manual, manual programmers and artists are making web sites according to the requirements of customers, and develop a background, if put aside previous work did not say, hand site eventually developed the background is also a form of self-help, the only difference is the function of art and is made according to the scheme provided by the customer.

                        and then to make a comparison, because of the need to do manual programming and web art, the cost is very large, if the enterprise needs revision or add some function, then draw the price please network the company, the high cost, but has been delayed in time. Intelligent construction site just fill this shortcoming, intelligent site is the enterprise needs all the functions of the unified written out, need to use time is very convenient. Intelligent site, the background has a custom editor, that is to say, art is no problem, and can match the manual website. In the late maintenance, the customer can completely self revision, does not affect the operation, this advantage is manual website can not match.

                 ;         then, in the end intelligent station and manual website which good? In fact, this question is very good answer, what kind of function is required to choose >

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