Experience in the operation of local classified information websites Part

after I graduated from university to go to an advertising company in Wuhan with the designers hit coolie steal graphic design, then returned to his hometown of Shandong in Zhucheng to find a job website design and program. In fact, some small companies in the local site, from the Internet with a set of CMS or enterprise source code to do the next template on the OK. Less than a year of work because they often do not give me the commission I will go out, is investigated under the network market, local Internet market still can open up, then I will create a network of information that is now in operation: Zhucheng convenience net. In June 09 years of promotion of the situation has created since PV has more than 7000 in the absence of money, IP has exceeded 1000 people, I think of a county-level city in this level is good not by spending money in local promotion under the premise, I a lot of people in the SEO group asked me how your site is free promotion, so today I will use this platform to talk about our stationmaster net this year operation experience:

one, site preparation,

1, select the domain name with local features. (because our local domain names are registered, I can only do it myself. 92zc)

2, select appropriate classification information procedures. (if you can’t develop it, you’d better buy a licensed program.)

3 collects local newspapers, media, and examines their weekly, weekly, and up-to-date newspapers.

4, crazy local QQ group, the more the better.

two, the initial stage of operation

site built on the line, do not be eager to go to a large group of local and local post bar propaganda, let others send information, if you do so, you can stop what to do, what to do. Some people ask why? Simply, you show an empty bottle to see who will see who will add something to the bottle. So the website built after the first took a week to fill up all section of the website, remember to update every day here, some people will ask where to find the information content? Today the focus here. Where? I do not say you will want to go to a local website or forum to copy them, this is just a little, and these will be your original information, the search engine will not love. What about that? I mentioned collecting local newspaper media before. It means that you can get the latest newspaper and input the information to your website by hand. I don’t need to say anything about it.

according to the above, adhere to manual input a week, the page is full, then the next step QQ group, stick it, local BBS for promotion. Maybe you will be T or by the title of gag, but you don’t despair, as the saying goes the revolution has not yet succeeded, the comrade still needs the effort; T you add again, it is best when the administrator is not in the hair Oh, Baidu Post Bar gag you re apply again, promotion is >

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