A small fruit and her debut movie website

, this is the first site I’ve ever made. I’d like to say, "Oh, yes, it’s purely for entertainment, not for profit." so I’m not going to put any ads on my station.

Why does

do this station,


go to work, work, eat, sleep, life like nothing else besides these, boring life, recent love movies, had to do a movie station idea, say we also engage in IT (in the network company to do odd jobs, also calculate, hee hee!!), you will have to build a nest on the Internet, prove your strength,

this big girl belongs to say, do what kind of good girl ~ ~

the first step, spent 50 yuan from the Internet to buy a Marcos movie program, buy the reason is that there is data, do not spend great effort to add


, the second step is to re classify the data, the original classification is too cumbersome,

Third step

UI again, I really do my step, "and FrontPage, but I can stand in the user’s point of view, even to yourself first is the first user of the site, delete everything I feel useless!! and will become the 850 pixel width settings page, personal it can make the website more user can step in a clean manner, three movies.

Fourth step

, buy a domain name, spent 800 yuan, bought a Http://s.25151.com domain name, the domain name is selected for 51, one hundred million users, for these users, 25151 is the most memorable, loyal users is 51.COM and even

fifth steps, buy space, bought a monthly to pay 900 pieces of server, double line, speed, self feeling still step wrong,

everything was done. It took almost 2000 dollars. The website opened

hee hee, to celebrate, put the site in my 51 space inside, let 51 netizens together propaganda, on-line 3 days, IP reached more than 100

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