Let all customers take the initiative to give me more experience in commission sharing

first of all to thank graph king, encourage retreat practice 10 years behind closed doors I come out with everyone exchanges, encourage me to use technology to make money to feed their families. And at the end of May to help me send a top of the posts forced me to Lanhuo, SOHO road.

with everyone’s expectations, I became a new light shine soho. Just like on the battlefield as recruits, immersed in honor, since that has the power to destroy everything, perhaps only when he saw the corpse, realized the human frailty and the cruelty of war, in order to become a valued tactical and combat veterans. So I started very well, because my heart is also with a very lofty feeling. When I ran a few runs, I was really into it.

my first live but not from Admin5 to. Is in a group, someone asked 20 yuan, a PHP program, who will do?. I was getting ready for the night shift and going to the supermarket to buy some instant noodles. See after cannot help feeling, when the programmer is cabbage, this is the other side said, "very simple, 5 minutes just fine.". Well, while there is a time to earn extra money, to buy a chicken to treat yourself well in supermarket.

so I deleted the "Curse" characters that I was thinking of sending out, and said, "say it in detail, let me see."".

this task I took 50 minutes to complete, not because the customer is not exaggerated, because I was too stupid, but I think that since then, we should do a good job, based on customer requirements, take the initiative to help him improve the idea, tell him some advantages and disadvantages of solutions, from a professional perspective down his ideas. He needs to function complete and perfect all he don’t think but actually encountered many problems. Finally, the customer was very happy and offered me 50% more. 30 yuan, ha ha, so I went to the supermarket to buy 2 bags of the master, a bag of beef and tomato, a pack of Dongpo’s braised pork (instant noodles to eat out of tricks, food grade), bought a bag of my royal roast chicken, also took two cans of Wang Laoji…

with this actual combat experience, I gradually find the dust has long been the feeling. I have 04 years before the 5 heart 100% comments from Taobao and eBay accounts, online customer service or have a lot of experience (see 06 years more than 1000 published reply posts on http://s.forum.taobao.com/forum-18/show_thread—-3263393-.htm   in a Taobao forum).

so I decided to take the mentality of doing customer service, to do technical support.

second received money is a Canadian Chinese station DJ http://s.www.dj6.cc, on the outside space, Chinese has become garbled, can not generate static. Originally, this work should be the first one, when I gave the customer 1000, did not negotiate. Then he hid in my D>

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