Actual combat two years of local website operation thinking

and a friend just chatted, suddenly some ideas, do Internet time too long, too focused, change an angle, some different thinking: a localization site how to do?


, I have too many sites down, although it is a local site, and some inputs are also many, there are millions of, according to reason can also be smashed. One of the obvious features of these sites is that they don’t do enough localization. Imitate Sina, Taobao and so on and so many websites. And I, myself, actually do it unconsciously.

first of all, there is a clear point, localization site must go out of their own road, in this regard, I have some of my own experience, mainly for the market understanding and grasp.

my friend don’t do the Internet, but it is the standard of local life, for him, first attention is the site of the first impression here belongs to me? For example, the characteristics of Shaoxing, Ukraine hat, wupengchuan, if a local web site that can not express, local residents will find a sense of belonging?

I belong to the age of light, so the site is always running the pursuit of new ideas, young, fashionable and other elements, but is this really a favorite site of local people?


website concept again new, also have to conform to the market, I think the local website is the most basic local, serve the local economy. That must really make value, this value is not only the value of advertising (media), more important is to make the platform, such as electronic commerce.

some time ago we and some large brands to talk about cooperation, such as China Construction Bank, mobile, Unicom, cola, and later found the market, but also very stable, we now can take over, but do not rely on the market, the ultimate goal is to return to the majority of small and medium-sized businesses.

so we do now to sell things online, hoping to establish a complete system, including all aspects of supply, delivery, payment, order management and so on, if we do not come out, how can you believe the Internet businesses can sell to make money? If I were not familiar with this stuff, how can to provide a truly useful platform for


local websites do not have to be entertainment oriented, but they must be close to the lives of ordinary people and have real services. For businesses, they are more likely to accept profit sharing rather than advertising, because their risk is almost zero.

we are now thinking too, for some brand advertising revenue, but also to receive Degui; but for ordinary businesses, the risk reversal (i.e. profit sharing) way to allow more businesses to participate in, the market operates in a relatively short period of time. Another approach is to package resources and collect annual rent, which is similar to B2B’s practice. It comes from our previous experience in providing product agents.


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