Discussion on the advertisement delivery of Baidu and Sogou League link unit

advertising delivery, has been the webmaster can not avoid the problem, in the current advertising alliance, the main link unit advertising, Google, Baidu and sogou. Today, the main talk about Baidu and Sogou alliance link unit advertising issues.

one, link unit advertising introduction

link unit advertising is the simplest keyword advertisement. In general, a set of ads consists of four or five keywords. Since the link unit ads are not directly click on the accounting fees, that is, the key words that you display in the link unit ads are not advertisements directly put by advertisers. Only when visitors click these keywords into the appropriate advertising display page and click on the ads displayed on the page will they generate advertising commissions.

two, link unit advertising features

link unit ads generally have key word matching accuracy, the number of unrestricted placement features. Compared with the competitive advertising, the link unit advertising is limited, but the link unit advertising only keywords, in general, its advertising position size from 120 to 760 width, height is only 15 and 30.

three, advertising matching

in terms of advertising matching, Google is definitely the boss, no, said its matching accuracy is quite high (of course, relatively speaking). In the Baidu and Sogou alliance, there are bidding and link unit advertising. The author found in the link unit advertising, the new on-line Sogou union link unit advertising keyword matching is very high, the display of keywords, basically in the article published around the theme. Baidu alliance advertising link unit, the matching degree also can still, just sometimes link unit ad of Baidu alliance will show a small search box, instead of keywords, this will also affect the use of advertising.

four, link unit ad launch,


link unit ads are much less expensive than the bidding ads (which means the advertising alliance’s demand limit), and the link unit ads can be placed at any location on the site. From the existing delivery situation, the link unit ads are mostly put on the top or bottom of the article, the upper or lower part of the bidding advertisement, the lower part of the picture, the lower part of the navigation bar and so on. I have also done a number of experiments on these delivery methods, and found that the link unit ads are at the top or bottom of the article, and the keyword matching is the best. I also found that some Adsense will link unit advertising in the article, so that the advertising and content to integration, also played a high transformation effect, of course, this may affect the user experience. At the same time need to remind that, at present, the Baidu alliance began to rectify the advertising and content mixed phenomenon, so, put Baidu advertising Adsense will pay attention to this point.

there is a need to talk more about the advertising display of these three link unit advertisements. Baidu and Google’s link unit ads are at the top of the ad list after launch

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