Do a good job of data analysis greatly enhance the efficiency of network marketing operations

recently Tan roots for some enterprises to provide Internet marketing services overall solution, found the network marketing company has a common characteristic, that is: network marketing work carried out relatively early, and has a network promotion of specialized personnel responsible for network promotion, are from Baidu for now based on SEO. And network promotion has done well, for enterprises to promote information visible in the industry website, forum. Especially one company’s SEO ranked the first page of Baidu keywords, the core position of the 10 who are all accounted for over three, generally also are several different web sites, and other places are outside the company send promotional information.


from a professional point of view, the company’s SEO optimization work there is still much room for improvement, but because competitors do suck, so the company is fully deserve the industry network promotion leader, and Baidu relevant domain query station one, the chain unexpectedly reached more than 18000 amazing, and many the chain is of good quality, which for a corporate website, it is amazing.

from the point of view of these circumstances, the network marketing work of the company to carry out the course is very good, but the problem is: they didn’t know a person, the amount of IP, the website visit daily consultation and final sales transaction data, did not do any data about the statistical monitoring work, not to say data analysis. For them, the network marketing and network promotion is directly equal, the company all the work is to do SEO ranking and use of machines and artificial to send out promotion information.

and network promotion as all network marketing, the result is: the company website update slow and product data not entire, not to mention a carefully planned sales force product display page and information page, website customer experience is poor, no sales force, no credibility, website conversion rate is poor. Even for a long time no conversion transaction, and the company unable to find the problem, no network promotion team morale.

Tan roots network marketing organization: network marketing is not just the network promotion, but a strategy from the project planning, site planning, construction component (shop) website sales force planning, network promotion, sales conversion and data analysis and many other aspects of the machine of system engineering, this project is the core of sales conversion. The data statistics and analysis is an important link of the organic integration of all aspects of the network marketing system. The data can let us find the problem, thus adjust the strategy, solve the problem, and improve the overall operation efficiency.

SEO data monitoring and analysis

For example,

included the chain, snapshots, friends of the chain, keyword ranking, PR and so on, can quickly use the tool monitoring and analysis, the data through time longitudinal analysis, can quickly find SEO related work, combined with data access to analyze keywords, improving Guan >

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