Share the experience and plan of the forum construction

my forum has been built for almost two months, and has accumulated a great deal in this process. I would like to share my experience with you. It may be too rough and bad. If there is any mistake, please point out.

1. Forum positioning

feels that the forum’s "personalization" is not the most important one. What is important is that I am the position of the forum. If it is too personal, it may only be accepted by one person and not accepted by most people, then…… It is very difficult to do! So, a forum is most in need of "popular", layout, style, set (this is especially important for example), I Forum: I choose more fresh and natural style.

two. Forum content section

, I think the important thing is not much, I know a lot of the forum, the forum section is subdivided into several sections, I think this is not what is necessary, do not so much a forum set in the forum early, etc. after the need to maintain stability can be subdivided. Not too special, what personality. But as long as the mass, it can! Simple and clear layout, simple setting, it is important for.

three. Forum featured content

know what, or what aspects of good resources. We need the original content. I think a forum, this is very important to have their own characteristics! No characteristics of the forum, do soon ~ a featureless forum, the vitality is weak, how can a featureless Forum ‘just can find a bunch of forum, so what do you use to keep visitors?

four. Publicity programme for forum

1. finds the current most popular element, combining its website theme

2. selects the best place for publicity and relevance to the content of your forum

3. efficient posts and top stickers, not more than the top

summary: These are some of the experience of the last two months, the construction of the forum, in fact, a good forum for what is important? I think that content is king, give good information, will not attract more users. The best forum publicity is publicity, dedication forum administrator. The king, about

forum members.

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