The national strike partnership scam to rectify the profiteers

received this now. One hundred million words of technology, together with QQ,.

in order to meet the joint inspection of the thirteen ministries and commissions, it is necessary to make the following notice to the customer:

1, notify customers to do self-examination of the network content, we must pay attention to!


understands the content of the client server (focus on figuring out whether to provide interactive services such as a virtual host, BBS, etc.)

2, in order to meet the 2008 Olympic Games, every virtual host server client, must install illegal information interception software (, appeared several times to prevent illegal information, if not installed, a given warning, two direct close server.

note: installed and not installed customers, please reply me, easy to do statistics, thank you for your cooperation,



note that the above word." if not installed, once a warning, two times to directly close the server.

I have three servers, and I’ve never heard anything like this. And asked the outdated, station owners and so on several net friend, all said has not received the request about installing this kind of software. Is the announcement of the national rectification network, so as to strengthen attention, but only one billion technology again and three requirements charging software, the price of this software is not low,.


server is not originally what are friends of two stations, the station I know what no fewer than 200. registered forum, I want to put off this forum contact customer service, if there is a problem what remind me I deleted it. Unexpectedly, contact customer service, so Niubi. The satirical language from large. It’s hard to accept.

million Eun Wei 17:13:36

What’s wrong with



, but really only love you, 17:13:52

advocates installing software?

, but really only love you, 17:14:10

if not installed, once warning, two times to close the server directly.

million Eun Wei 17:14:20

security concerns, ah,

, but really only love you, 17:14:35

ha ha, you sell software directly in this way…..

million Eun Wei 17:14:37

is now 13 ministries thorough investigation, March to September…

million Eun Wei 17:14:42

is not what we sell,

million Eun Wei 17:14:47

client >

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