The stationmaster wants to prepare for the next job

if T is compared to a person, that level is the basis, level, experience and so on how wide, that vertical is how deep professional knowledge.

, four years ago, I dropped out of school and went home to work as a full-time station owner. I spent second years with my friends. Up until last year to participate in the work, from Guangzhou to Huaian to Zhuhai, after a few days ago until the 2011 National Party of NanChang Railway Station station software zhulang salon owners officially joined the end of the waves.

Every resume

during this period are used in the two years I do stand experience, and new colleagues in the evening to discuss some things, I suddenly I do not really two years full-time webmaster that nothing, at least among their peers in the same industry, people I know more than they are, in the words of T that they know more than the above cross.

In fact,

joined the waves really is accident accident, at that time little nonsense. Okay, and I talk a few words, then Zhuhai project team disbanded, I grumbled on meager, brother I would like to send private messages to M to the development of Nanchang.

and Q talk later when I read your blog that I think you are operation promotion professionals, but I was shocked, because my blog in addition to the young cynic seems to have what thing, when I go through my blog, I wrote it in the original site soft Wen has dozens of articles, the articles also readily inserted young cynic your keywords.

either before or now is the future of the webmaster, including my own website in the moment to get a pot of gold to make a HAO123 a Ali Dynasty, but the reality is cruel, doing a year or two, or even five years later still nothing in the webmaster you have to be realistic in work.

If you work in

or IT industry, then both the editors, artists, programmers or SEO you more than your colleagues that you cross long, richly endowed by nature, even leaving the network switch to other developed today in the Internet, you will still be more than these things, love can only be sensed. You will have a great help for the future work, of course, in the T depth above you more effort.

every webmaster who has an arrogant, manifested in time to participate in the work of nature will not, this is only in the work unit in his flat, finally said to me more when the editor left a few words at the end of it:

When you at home

you do, you make a small thing, there is a small achievement you will feel very proud of your friends and parents will praise you, but here is a company, the company is pursuing the maximum benefit, you do this achievement in the company if someone else can there is more to improve, then you are not qualified for the company.

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