Stationmaster learns to be a man must see 6 little stories

1, tolerant

, a pig, a sheep and a cow, was held in the same corral. Once the shepherd caught piglets, it howl loudly, violently resisted. Sheep and cows hate it howl, he said: "he often catch us, we do not shout and wrangle. The pig answered and said, "catching you and catching me are two different things. He catches you but your hair and your milk, but it’s my life to catch me,


different positions and conditions of the people, it is difficult to understand each other’s feelings; others so frustrated, frustration, pain, should not gloat, but should be caring, understanding mood. Have a forgiving heart,

2, on your own

little snail asked his mother, "why do we have to bear this heavy and heavy shell when we are born?" Mom: because our bodies are not supported by bones, we can only crawl and crawl. So protect this shell,


little snail: the Caterpillar sister has no bones and can’t climb fast. Why doesn’t she need to carry the hard and heavy shell? Mum: because the Caterpillar sister can turn into a butterfly, the sky will protect her.

little snail: but the earthworm brother doesn’t have any bones. He doesn’t climb fast. He doesn’t turn into a butterfly. Why doesn’t he carry this hard and heavy shell?

mother: because the earthworm brother will drill earth, the earth will protect him.

little snail cried: "we are so poor, the sky is not protected, and the earth is not protected.".

snail mother comforted him, "so we have shells,"

we do not depend on the sky, nor on the ground, we rely on ourselves.

3, sharks and fish

people have done experiments, will be a most ferocious sharks and a tropical fish placed in the same pool, and then use the glass separated, initially, the shark constantly hit that invisible glass, where the resistance is futile, it has not had to go across, and experimental personnel every day put some fish in the pond, so there is no lack of shark prey, but it still wants to go across, want to try that beautiful taste, every day is still constantly hit that glass, it has tried every corner, every time is exhausted, but always also scarred, several times was bleeding, and lasted a few days, when the glass cracks, experimental personnel immediately with a thicker glass.

later, no longer the shark hit that glass, no longer care about those beautiful tropical fish, as though they are moving on the wall murals, it started to wait every day there will be fixed carp, then use his hunting instinct agile, like back in the sea can not be a cruel despot, but all this just like it is false, the final phase of experiment, experimental personnel will take the glass, but the shark did not respond, every day is fixed regional travel not only to it "

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