Old Xie some personal advice for ADMN5

recently Laoxie I am also very busy, in the operating activities of some enterprises of soft promotion, so have a period of time not in this place and they ADMIN5 chat today, while the rest on Saturday, and we talk about the development of Chinese personal webmaster, and I love the ADMIN5, for ADMIN5, I have to say thank you, is changed by ADMIN5 China webmaster, ADMIN5 makes the individual stationmaster gradually drawing together, ADMIN5 is a lot of achievements in the work of the stationmaster is ADMIN5, the achievements of the dream, the old Xie myself.

but as a leader of a Chinese personal webmaster, you really have a long way to go, because you have exposed a lot of problems, you need to solve immediately, there may be just my personal opinion, some of you already know that, you may have to solve in some. ADMIN5 home page, you China as individual owners face, you need to have a high standard of personal experience, personal webmaster original article, no matter how all through, because most of the personal webmaster writing is not very good, but they dare to write, dare to speak out of their own experience, dare to speak their this is not a good thing to think,


and often read ADMIN5 article friends may have noticed, ADMIN5 reply less and less, and mostly advertising response, the real reply is really not a few, what reason

?A problem with the

1, the quality of an article, the others, you just changed, became their own articles, and then add a chain to ADMIN5 throw, but the passing rate is relatively high, what causes


our personal webmaster, need is high quality articles, because our webmaster time is very nervous, how many times a fried article is often seen, it will make no more confidence in ADMIN5 and webmaster.

2, to the novice webmaster some chance, although their articles may not be great, but the heart is not them, we need to make a change, and today’s headlines ADMIN5 has become a few old webmaster of the world, and their articles, may stir a few times, you know.

3, the layout problem, many people will feel ADMIN5 home page layout is very poor, what are the news, promotion experience, personal experience in one, see dazzled, can a few blocks classification.


need to ask the webmaster to find what they need? Is it a waste of time for the webmaster? Is it not good for the user experience?. Of course, ADMIN5 do good place very much, this is all love on the reason of ADMIN5, especially the value of mentioning that figure wangdage launched webmaster trading, is good for the individual owners, for the development of ADMIN5 is also very good, hope to improve the figure wangdage it is better to make, "

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