The ink is wonderful the website viscosity and loyalty

3Q war had aroused all kinds of domestic groups discussed by chance in a group product manager, heard someone mentioned, Tencent QQ viscosity and high loyalty 360 too much, and 360 have no power to resist, the wonderful chess ink would like to put forward my own objection.

in the wonderful chess ink, viscosity and loyalty are two completely different concepts. What is viscosity? Product viscosity is more expressed by the user’s frequency and dependence on the product. Users can obtain value from the product to meet their own needs, users can be attracted by the outstanding features of the product, use and long-term use, and this is the product viscosity. For example, we often use the QQ, we can not do without this interpersonal based communication, and even social tools. For example, most people are able to endure a lot of pop ups and read online updates on their ebook chapters, which are reflections of viscosity. Sites with high viscosity tend to meet users’ needs in a certain way or in many ways. At this point, it was too early to think that product loyalty was too high.

admittedly, there are many examples to show that many of the products with high viscosity have good user loyalty. In essence, exceptions are common. What is loyalty,


wonderful chess ink that user loyalty more show is a kind of subjective consciousness. Because of a variety of factors, the user shows a specific or light or heavy special emotion to a product or service, and influences the demand and behavior in the process. We often talk about loyal users, which should be the core user group of a product, which is a powerful competitive force for enterprises. And this competition ability also can make product won’t be defeated so easily. We can see that the Google out of the Chinese, but there are still a lot of groups in the daily use of Hongkong Google, and even some users turned to the wall using Google products, we can also see that the after occupied a large market share, experienced Tencent, Baidu search engine and the social empire the Internet giant’s entrance type challenge is still conducive to an invincible position. The ink is wonderful for understanding, which plays a crucial role in customer loyalty.

goes back to this simple example of a pop-up ebook site that updates your favorite ebook version every day, and you see it every day, it’s sticky. If there is a pure version of the site without any popups that can provide the same content, which

will you choose?A very simple

we can see, come back to the wonderful chess ink and think of an Internet cup, Internet companies who are large Internet Co a copycat and be replaced, so why is an easy job to do instead of copycat? It seems that these products in the copycat is not prevalent in the before one of the following two features: the 1 is a high viscosity, low loyalty! 2 is not beyond the others core technology "

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