Vertically integrated development of website and software

We all know that

website mainly depends on the flow to maintain, but a good website will have a good model, good location, for now the personal website, the vast majority are copied, because we are lack of money do not dare to seek more innovative projects, a development on the site must be diversified, and not a single. For example, Tencent, because of a variety of integrated services, developed into the domestic instant chat boss, of course, Tencent network is also a huge flow, and the reasons for this development, I think we will understand it. Of course, the combination of website and software is a great highlight and the most potential mode of development. For example, a Flash network game, he can develop a game box software, which is more convenient to the user, of course, as long as a good software, generally accepted by users, which greatly increased the viscosity of the site, and also can save more time in publicity, the user to remember a website unless this website is very famous or more features, but as long as the user in terms of the software installed on your computer, do not uninstall, first day may not remember, but on the second day, third days may chance to remember. This method has been tested by me many times. Website and software vertically integrated development, for the future engaged in the site of this webmaster is a very good choice.

increase user experience satisfaction is a critical step. Of course, regardless of any software, a website is good, the most important is the user experience satisfaction, a station to the user’s impression is not professional, does not have the service value, when the user may first visit, second will not go to visit. So technology is the core.

website and website service itself is the same, but the software has the advantages that the advantages of localization, website is the network, two combination, it is like a tiger with wings added here and of course, not including all the websites, such as music network, information network, and so can.


a just on the line "to go to the navigation network Internet navigation" is not good because of the promotion of the navigation network, I just think of using desktop software and navigation network to combine together to provide navigation services, we also know that the navigation network is overwhelming. I want to make a navigation network, was based on the idea of navigation market really did not share but I think I will stick to get a little bit of popularity, 197 Internet navigation after a few days I have to go to the launch of the desktop software toolbox, now in many stations have not issued, but I see this from the statistical toolbox for me every day to bring traffic is very high, and the user’s back rate are increasing.

so the vertical integration of websites and software, especially for promoting this piece, is a good way. Increase the viscosity of the web site, essence is to keep those users.

saw a lot of articles on website development today, with a little bit of emotion. I am a station to do soon webmaster, for network promotion have a lot of don’t understand, but >

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