The computer room was plucked out of line hard year after year all Baidu K finished

the day before yesterday (February 18th) evening when nearly 10:00 suddenly can not access the site, sometimes to find customer service QQ, customer service told the room now being against them being processed, results and so on for nearly two hours or no recovery time to ask the room by the Public Security Bureau said that they notify the telecommunications line drawing.

then I went out of the way and found that several computer rooms had been pulled out, but second days later, someone came back, but my website didn’t show any signs of recovery. Wait until the third day when Baidu site suddenly found no results, I was dumbfounded, hard to do for a year the station ah, in recent days Baidu started from Baidu to IP, a day from Baidu to IP more than 100, so Baidu was suddenly completely K. Because two days time can not visit, before this, Baidu can update every day, BBS new hair post less than a few hours was Baidu included, and now by Baidu K completely clean.

is now not good ah, you hurry to regular backup site data, or maybe your site that day room is pulling the line of what, I don’t know how long it will take to recover, if there is no backup data, you can only stare.

but fortunately, my site has finally been restored today. I hope that Baidu can quickly recover included.

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