Quietly asked Baidu why my website content you always do not include

every day to update the article, tirelessly refresh the content of the website, minutes in the quality of the chain and strive for success. The blog has persisted in the update, the forum still adhere to post, some Baidu Q & A, I also have to further improve, about the user experience, I also have to try the depth of the amount of research. But why, my site Baidu snapshot is always less my update rhythm, my website traffic or with a faint sadness, my website content included almost trace of crazy. As SEO optimization staff enterprise network promotion, in order to win the favor of Baidu spider, won Baidu’s favor, almost tried various methods I can think of, why can I, now the site is like a crazy guy no matter how hard are not impressed by the mysterious noble Baidu. Some lost, confused, after many days of the SEO keyword optimization of endless struggle, consider how many nights, here I want to ask softly: why my Baidu content on your site is always not included.

as an operation has been more than half a year, says it is not a new website now included and snapshots are still seriously lagging behind has not updated the normal progenitor Angtai, not crazy is definitely frustrating. I do not know whether the spider is too stubborn, or Baidu is too stubborn, our original and content is always unable to win the favor of the mother, always far behind us to the back of the brain. Do not update the snapshot of website in time, do not reflect the real collection of the website and specific rank accurately. This is my question for Baidu, but also a serious doubts about the fairness of Baidu, can do is of no avail, and here to wait for Baidu to update the site rankings included, rather than trying to find a reason, I found the web data seriously to keep up with the pace of our staff.


website clearly my working day every day of the data in the update, will be updated at least one original content every day, industry news and other pieces of content version are also in the uninterrupted refresh frequency, the chain what every day will go to the relevant forums outside the chain, as well as the information network dissemination of information video marketing, Baidu Post Bar quiz also did not forget, the blog promotion has always been active in this hot, every step of every link, we are strictly in accordance with the Baidu Optimization Guide to do, we have been doing is to provide access to the site of the channel to the user, giving the user more content, but why our website is like the creaking always slow action heavy, far less than we expected and the pursuit of the goal.

think carefully, think again and again, where the problem is, it is Baidu’s puzzled amorous feelings, or is the problem at all in our own body?. The work I have to do every day is just all the webmaster and SEOER are doing things, even people do better than me harder, so how can I highlight your website, let your website how to shine in the fierce competition in the construction site in Shenzhen. Want Baidu included, first let Baidu spider feel web content to the user >

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