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 : in order to write articles about vip.com, I began to try shopping from vip.com to validate my views from a user’s point of view. From July to September, I have 6 vip.com single, the average unit price is about 250 yuan, the return rate is greater than 30%. This shopping frequency should be quite high, and now I will combine my shopping experience to talk about the value of vip.com.

first talk about shopping experience

1, vip.com does not have a clear price advantage: vip.com brand positioning is the online discount retailer, in other words, do the clearing of inventories for brands online, but the brand and the discount is two of the most important factors to attract consumers. But in fact now most brands in Tmall and Jingdong stores do basically is inventory clean, and there are many online distributors, dealers and other businesses opened B shop and C shop in the sales of the brand products, which resulted in the vip.com goods compared to Tmall, Jingdong and not too big the price advantage, much less Taobao. And vip.com goods on the full 288 yuan only free shipping, compared to Jingdong’s 39 yuan, free shipping is also a big disadvantage. Similar views, I wrote an article earlier last year, "vip.com rebounded on behalf of the vertical electricity supplier counter attack", mentioned that we can smoke a few goods on vip.com, to make a comparison is more clear.

2, vip.com’s unique commodity is not much: signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with suppliers, vip.com is trying to achieve differentiation of a method. Now vip.com also does have some exclusive sales brands, but the quantity is not many, and most of the brand consumers are not familiar with. For brands, they want the entire network distribution, vip.com is only one of the channels, very few people would be willing to tie up in a tree. With Tmall, Jingdong, as well as Dangdang and other B2C suppliers to join the limited sale of war, this exclusive sales agreement will be more difficult.

3, vip.com’s distribution service compared to Jingdong and even four up there is a certain gap: vip.com is the sub warehouse model, establish a storage center in the core area of the city, the storage of goods and service suppliers in the specific region of the consumer, that is to say consumers in different areas on the vip.com website the category of goods is not the same, which improves the efficiency of logistics operation. Vip.com logistics center in North China region in Beijing of Daxing District, using the ProLogis warehouse. In the distribution, cooperation with vip.com and landing in various regions in Beijing, have the option of Zhongzhou express company and North Beijing micro school. I this several shopping delivery time is usually 2-3 days, the fastest time is the next day. But the overall feeling of courier service quality than the Jingdong and even four links, there are no small differences, and often find a variety of reasons to refuse credit card. As a regular Jingdong, Tmall shopping users, this gap is still relatively large.

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