The liar is a fool for my friends who lied to me today

today once again let people cheat, cheat is too simple, so that the whole process is less than two minutes. Why? Perhaps because too easy to believe others, but yourself, if not to show sincerity, to guard against others, but also how to do business?

In fact,

liar is a fool, I was a collection of links, links to my monthly renewals, cheated me once, he could not lie to me second times, it he had lost a business partner, in addition to the link {to be a friend, perhaps, have more good opportunities but. Is he to dozens of yuan, even ten yuan of money, take the opportunity to miss… He is not a fool?

In fact,

liar is a fool, do you think you cheated a little bit of money, the heart is very happy, think I was. But you know, this money will bring you the inexhaustible worry, we will miss you so easily deceived? Just because of money, but like in eat a Steamed Buns a fly like nausea. It must fight for breath. But long on the Internet may not be mixed, don’t leave some information. Spoof your thousands. Methods can not let you worry.

liar is actually a fool, although the surface looks you cheated a little money, very happy, but you think, your reputation, the development of life, and cheat to this point money, can compare


as a liar two words, after forever on your forehead, and who would you play? The Internet fraud, and the reality is not the same, in reality, can change a place to cheat. Online. Your QQ, your web site, all your data. These you can change, but your real name, ID, you can go to


if not. I just want to ask a friend when, three years, five years later, you become a successful person when someone searches for your name on the Internet when it recorded three years ago you cheated tens of dollars of the story, you feel good? I will make you bear the bad name of cheater.


just took a period of time links, but let a dozen people fooled. But more of them are to know a lot of new friends, good friends….

cheater not long, only sincere cooperation, can have good development,.

cheat my friend, you can see, I will put your QQ, web site, name, phone, are published in my blog,

QQ568208 is looking forward to Shandong all friends cooperation

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