n the Web2 0 era network editors are always ready

many friends know network editor bitter, but only know the pain is because of the high pressure under the physical overdraft, everyone knows that the ocean of information era, the kind of battle fatigue caused by brainstorming, "share the spirit of high tension after the heart", it is more terrible.

regardless of work or work, almost all network editors use the highest frequency of the word is "busy."".

how busy? In the traditional media era, there is a school, two school, final, Cengcengbaguan, step by step, dare to put it down in black and white, presented to the reader. But you can’t wait in the new media age. You have to think about turning it into bits in the first minute of the news. You have to make sure it’s fast enough, you have to make it as accurate as possible, and make it rich, readable, and clicked.

in the rapid and timely accurate rich on the basis of the following points you have to very careful to remember, one can not forget.

you can not have typos, there must be carefully examined immediately, modify, or users will sharply pointed out your mistakes; you can’t have ready to accept either course description, or about to speak, but saying nothing secretive, otherwise netizens will mark all over the place; you can’t have a significant bias and position, or fail to is a cubic the sound of diatribe, spittle probably have put you to drown.

maybe one day you are tired, knock on the wrong name of a city, immediately caused a great disturbance, many users questioned, government agencies sent a formal statement, leaders are questioning, let you feel guilty and confused.

maybe one day you get the wrong information is not accurate enough, a customer service hotline number, the call has been empty countless tone, then you doubt the authenticity of the whole news, let you regret and irreparable.

"the information posted on the Internet will be spread all over the world in 5 minutes, and even then it’s too late to change."." When a friend talks about crisis PR, he is so sorry. It sounds like hyperbole, but it is not excessive. This precious 5 minutes, sometimes in the network editor’s fingers between them?. You see, it’s not a big responsibility,

?The greater the

media, the greater the pressure; the wider the platform, the more difficult it is to recover from the loss of negligence. One hundred percent, the perfect myth is the code of self requirement of every network editor, but it is also a promise that can not be fulfilled. We can approach infinity perfectly, but never arrive.

so, the network editor was nervous, "ready", not only for the sudden news, but also to deal with the Web2.0 era of netizens feedback, you must pay attention to their needs, we must attach great importance to their voices, to solve their problems.

you are a patient with panic disorder and tortured by the explosion of information to gaunt patients. You’re scared and excited, and you’re overwhelmed

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