How can you guide free users to become paid users

is going to write this article, is derived from the front in the use of Todoist, in the process of using the product that guide users to become paying customers process is not friendly enough to have been abandoned for, then pondering this topic, I hope I can share and exchange.

The boot process of

Todoist is not friendly enough, because the boot mode interferes with the experience of users when using basic functions as follows:

1. tag function

as shown in Figure 1, I am non paying users, this is the left side of the page bar, "tag" function location next to the "project" after the position is obvious, it is easy to understand as one of the basic functions, but when clicked on, immediately jump out of Figure 2 tips.

2. reminder function

is shown in Figure 3, when editing specific matters, there will be four small icon in the lower right corner of the edit box, and the first icon is the function of "reminder", when used at the beginning, when the first need to set the time to remind, very easy to directly point. Just like the tag function, after clicking, the prompt for Figure 4 pops up.



two function points above the location and basic function layout is tightly connected, and it is so obvious: on the one hand, prone to misuse and click, pop-up prompts produced harassment; on the other hand, when I need to use the nearby location function, because the two a function point exists, a vigilance will be subconscious, like walking in the minefield, to prevent.

is the case, the boot mode too much interference to the user experience using basic functions, not only failed to guide users to pay, but may cause user churn.

so the question is, how do you guide free users into paying customers?

first of all, fundamentally, it’s fundamental to introduce free users into paid users, or is it that the paid functionality meets the user’s needs.

second, from the method, such as the above, to guide the way must be not be allowed to interfere with the normal use of the basic functions of the user experience, otherwise easily lead to the loss of users, switched to a competitor’s product. On this basis, according to my own process of becoming a premium paying user, talk about the idea of booting.

"first experience, to pay, to allow users to feel even rely on the product, then charges, in the traditional sales method is often used in this way, Internet products pay is worth learning guide.

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, I’m going to pay for Youku

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