Analysis of website construction of network marketing

, a practitioner of the field of marketing since his first job (1997), has been deeply involved and employed in marketing from a traditional and new economic point of view over the years. In the creation and management of Wen during the period, but also to improve the theory, while colleagues and customers to explain. Now I can take some time to sort out and communicate with everyone. I plan to write a series of online marketing, focusing on the similarities and differences between traditional marketing and the actual application process.

first of all, what I want to share with you is the foundation of network marketing – Website Planning and construction. I do not intend to do too much in-depth discussion, but as a network marketing support, any product or service, only the establishment of a web site, in order to begin network marketing. But from my contacts, there are very few websites that really have full understanding and planning, a reasonable investment, and flexible construction. This may also be related to the formation of a complete pattern of the domestic Internet economy. Only when we see the whole picture and the boundary can we have a comprehensive understanding of things, and the understanding of things directly affects the thinking pattern and decision at the beginning.

current e-commerce site site initial strategy also has a variety of choices, including: in Taobao, pat on the shop, for small e-commerce applications is also a very good choice. About the channel strategy of building a station in different channels, we will discuss it separately in the future. What I want to discuss here is the construction and consideration of a complete proprietary website. The following figure is a website value / function orientation and marketing interaction strategy structure.


in this picture, I’d like to point out a few points:

1. site value and function orientation (interactive level of interaction with users)

enterprise website mainstream understanding of the value and function of "name card", "after the primary stage of the product manual" and "contact users", with emphasis on the network marketing, has now gradually enhance the understanding to "user interaction requirements gathering" and "sales promotion" full range, fully functional website needs the. The model is easy to understand, and I’d like to point out some of the pitfalls that are easy to get into:

1) the more up the demand, the greater the value of the enterprise, but we can not ignore the basic needs to meet, because those are the premise. These user values will influence and pass on each other, and cannot be separated from each other. But many companies still have some problems with it. For example: some of the recent e-commerce sites, too much emphasis on network sales links, and the basic brand, product positioning and other furnishings only, and I hope to produce results immediately. Similar cases will be analyzed in detail in the later articles.

2) when you provide these functions, you need to let customers feel the value. The website represents the enterprise and product. The experience of the user at the site is the process of understanding and communicating with the enterprise, the product, and the

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