Do not stand as garbage station

today, I finally determined, then do not waste station!! so, I put more than half of the accumulated data only knocked the Enter key, delete all!! but I feel much pleasure and easy


remember when I first started dating websites a year ago, I just thought it was fun and didn’t want to make much money. Later, up a few webmaster nets, see everyone talking about how to make money, so I joined in.

started playing very happy, but once think of money go above, you can not be easy! The original interest was on the forum, QQ group, ad SEO ah ah such no! From the initial data collection to play later, is simply a living hell!

actually, I didn’t make any money either. I didn’t do any advertising League, nor did I have any popups. I didn’t have any viruses. I just put in GOOGLE ads. But received only a PING code! Hey, received PING when only a little excited, because it felt the figures and the labor range! Oh, really tired live only so little reward, felt it is not worth.

although my station search engine is very good, but there is not much traffic. This is a secondary cause of low advertising revenue. The main reason is that when the site has accumulated a certain amount of data, I don’t want to update it. I always feel like I’m making garbage! I’m not happy!


maybe, giving up the garbage station is a relief to the mind. Doing what you like is the best. I can do without money, but I don’t want to be crazy! Ha ha!


, that’s my point of view. Just take a look at it. If you feel the same way, I’m happy,


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