Look at the WeChat third party development from micro financing transformation was acquired and par

a platform to protect, well-known enterprises endorsement of the new business form, is expected to correct the current micro quotient morbid state. This "low cost, high market" and "bring order out of chaos also happens to be third party" behavior of another business direction.


in April 21st, according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement, WeChat third party service providers micro completed 150 million yuan B round of financing, the current round of financing by the gold ham collar vote, CPT capital with the cast. MSI why development so rapidly, how to prospect WeChat future third party, the third party under around WeChat’s future will be how to develop, the author made some simple analysis.

according to this understanding, MSI was established only two years time, the main two core businesses: one is launched in 2014 for the traditional retail business layout derivative distribution system SDP; two was launched in March this year the V App store. Throughout the two major products, the former mainly rely on WeChat, in the interface provided by WeChat to do some development, the latter main force micro business. Its founder Sun Taoyong said, B round of financing will focus on building three systems: supplier quality control system, V merchant credit system and consumer protection system.

micro why such rapid development

in my opinion, micro success is mainly due to the "two potential shares". One is the "go". 2013 is the fastest growing year of WeChat, WeChat is also the first year of electricity supplier. All kinds of micro mall, micro official website, WeChat payment service number, shop and smoke, with WeChat’s entrepreneurial wave swept the country. A called "WeChat marketing" word began to be noisy be in full swing, micro flow, WeChat came into being, in the electricity supplier window to find the outlet, so fly.

two is the momentum". When WeChat started to slow down in the pace of commercialization, called a derivative "mask party" started in the circle of friends in "trouble", want to pass the MSI "V store" to re regulate the micro business market. Although many people are not optimistic about micro business, but there are more and more so that began to talk about micro business, looking for a new way for micro business chaos.

WeChat third parties will usher in what kind of development,


1, into the "remaining king" era, or transformation, or acquisitions. WeChat marketing has just entered the public view when the third market battle in 2011 than in the "thousand group war", the fire was more than 2000, all kinds of cheap sale, free use of the marketing battle on the ear, free means not responsible for the results. At that time, in order to seize the market, the third parties used a word to describe, that is, without any exception. Only some companies that rely on word of mouth and guarantee after-sales service survived.

today, a lot of third parties began to hold on, and the better ones were bought and sold, and they were forced to transition. With the transfer of WeChat’s business strategy, the third party basically entered a constant constant strong mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, bureau "

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