Persist is victory my local station operation for three days with emotion

used to do garbage station! Upload garbage program on the basic waiting for Baidu included! Nothing to say! I am not a master, and can not earn any money, so this time seriously engaged in a local forum.

avoid AD suspects, I will not send my URL! Ha ha, BBS is the beginning of March 19, 2009 night! From looking for templates, division plates, manually update content… Really tired, busy can be said to be on the music! Think that this is the station since the most substantial time! How can I say no to technology, to fulfill the lack of experience, is a rookie, what way, those I encounter problems, I will first Baidu, not found in to the group and ask friends, your question is a idiot sometimes, but I am not afraid of being laughed at.

I live in a small town in

1, the forum is the location of our forum, before Beian’s troubles, finally chose to use foreign space, temporarily evaded a robbery, then I started to upload the program, then fill in some of the information, and then I began to divide the plate! Because I live in a small town in 1. So too much plate can not only built a classified information, I chat these two sections, in addition to the four middle school established the corresponding section, and then is to beautify the forum, this is not to say. It was

forum at the beginning there is one, as the saying goes, open the jar to keep users difficult, so I put my forum to our city Baidu Post Bar to hair, but I made a paste, you gave me a delete, so repeatedly, depressed bad! I finally wiser and I put some fun things to send to my forum, then go to the Post Bar post, and then give their connection, so the Lord will not delete my "pure advertising"

so I went to the school to send four Post Bar, okay. Through understanding of the two schools of the Lord, the LORD promised to come and do a moderator, and said after I sent to my Post Bar site no longer delete, so I have a first source of IP in this way! I studied! Plan, I think high school students more than 90, they love music, love funny video, love, love the mainstream picture, so I put these things to them to my school in this forum section, to Post Bar implicit tell them, tell them, as long as I insist every day update sure, there will be a repeat of the


has a natural way to retain users! So I learn the outdated building activities play! I play at floor to send QQ activities in our forum! But one did not send out! The local forum does not engage in activities is not enough! The other two of my friends are 1 is 1 a pet shop is a hip-hop coach, so I talked to them! All for them to build a 1 edition! So I have a way to the user, I apply for several QQ! Plus a lot of local QQ group, in the group I sent my station, some can take me there it is kicked me out of the group, no way, who told me.

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