Station master please watch your bank card carefully and be taken seriously

is cheating so much now that he has been cheated two times a year. The previous time is the entity store recruit, bring a liar. This time it’s an online shop, and it sells cheaply. Yes, I do. It’s a gift business. Last month, just a long time no use of Taobao finishing, but also shelves on their own gifts, began rbi.

in October 12th, someone on Taobao wanted to buy something. He said he liked it. I said yes, that she first shot down, she said that she had no money in Alipay, I can ask for employment. I said yes. I gave her the card number. Then she said, "let me go to a website to launch a secured transaction." I can understand that. After all, what you buy is more expensive. I went, guaranteed under 1 yuan. I gave her the tip 1 yuan. The problem is that in the process, she stole my card number and password. That guarantee website is estimated that she did it herself, my card was brushed 1400, three minutes to eat, brush away.

then I went to the bank to check the accounts and the three pens were written to the Shanghai circular Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Baidu and I a lot of this company and I cheated as people ah Id=202503 you see below, several people are deceived, cheated hundreds of thousands are.

, one of them said, "I was paid $315 by the Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Shanghai, and paid 3 times.". Zhengzhou, Henan province netizen [rich] published in 2008-10-15 15:45:20, is still cheating.

said: "there are people in the ICBC card itself is 136 yuan, 8.23 of the Internet when a woman said to me the things, and to save 0.1 yuan, I did not believe, because she said the agent, but also about the game cards, so I do not want to have a look at the agency. You want to deposit 0.1 yuan, but she said no wealth can not be used by Alipay, the bank on the net only, I also encountered similar things, on the use of online banking. But my electronic password password input does not go in, refresh a bit. Password error was found later. My God! Waiting for 24 hours, the landing, found the card less 135 yuan, I immediately took a look at the receipt, depressed, the emergence of such a company: Shanghai huanxun Agel Ecommerce Ltd. The password of an electronic password card will not be compromised. But why would my money get into the company without sake? I was lost. I what is

? "Shanghai Huan Xun Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Who can tell me how to contact?"

buyers have been cheated before, and now sellers fooled. He just grabbed the seller’s desire to make money, and she asked for something expensive. For example, a list, I can make hundreds of, then I must be happy, so some people want, also no matter what, he said what I have promised, and he said that guarantee on

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