Tell you Ali mother can make money

the slander Ali mother, many say eight say, sometimes I wonder if ADMIN5 is Ali mother and


first of all, I believe, seriously do Ali mother, there are always a lot of money, those who cheat, want money, want to go crazy, do not do Ali mother, and it does not suit you.

I’ve found a rule that someone else understands: money making, and basic non disclosure.

I’ll tell you, Ali, how do you make money,


1. a lot of people say K you, you little money, you first think, their own station, so much money really can not? I have NB, I too, but I want to say, you stand, not worth the money, what you want to do Wangzhuan you put the station?

, talk again in the community

2., Wang said, IP has money, and you have 1000 IP on the one, apply for Ali mother, click advertising, to their station advertising prices adjusted to the appropriate.

3. optimize advertising, improve website experience.

talked about my own process, but I didn’t really want to say it.

1. at the beginning, I have 4 ad positions, each 15 yuan, then my idea is, 4, a 15, every month can sell, there will be 240. The fact is, not so good to sell, then I can earn about 150 yuan a month from Ali’s mother.

The flow rate of

2. upgrade, click on ads, see a lot of BAIDU Union and GG suggestions, and then spend an hour on their website advertising optimization design and layout, the effect of the second day came out. Click on revenue every day, the beginning is 1-3 yuan, and then 5 yuan hovering.

3. my current situation: of course, this is also from the Spring Festival period began to slowly better.

my daily click income is about 8-12 yuan, the highest time, 20 yuan a day. Take last month, my 15 day ad Click, stable in 10, plus before, I deducted service fees, earned 308 yuan.

at present, I have not settled account: # income: 264.99 yuan


, plus 2, 100 yuan worth of advertising, I this month, is expected in the income of about 360-400.

plus other income, the current monthly living expenses, the family has stopped.

Is there

Wangzhuan, out of money to you? Not so simple, or who will go to work ah, everyone on the Internet gold rush.

earn money, not you say you want to earn money, tomorrow will earn, there is a gradual process, perhaps some people are long, some people are very short. At least I’ve been studying for more than a year.


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