My writing experience in soft writing

one, this station soft Wen (increase included amount)

1, the subject article excerpt, split and merge, disrupted its head and tail, released


2, since write soft Wen, release; and can a stage or a classification of soft text, merge (DOC document or large web page) release;

3, from writing soft source: instructions, customer experience, maintenance reports, technical discussion, marketing report or analysis;

4, note:

each soft text must be accompanied by (link:yoursite) and (keyword link your web site); can be included in the soft text on the enterprise product pictures, introductions, contact information;

each soft Wen title, had better take a website theme keyword expansion; and description must be careless to explain the meaning of this article;

two, promotion soft (increase the amount of chain),

1, the promotion of soft wide published in the search engine higher attention rate of the website, such as Sina blog, Baidu know, NetEase blog,

2, soft promotion focused on excerpt popular stage topics, were modified after the release of


3, at this stage theme article: Baidu hot search keywords, expand articles, each big website latest articles (such as stock analysis, Ali blog, some BBS soft Wen, etc.)

4, note:

each soft text at the end of the clever introduction of friendship links, add links to the site keywords links;

each soft text embedded link:yousite

soft Wen title must contain hot keywords, and then add http://s.www.yousite

three, see peer chain, which can easily lead to the chain, then do;

four, a day to do a total station, day care station ten effect is good;


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