Small and medium sized webmaster to develop solve website bottleneck is the key

when the site entered the mature period, but the visitors still always wander up and down; when the search engine is the most basic too observant of conventional standards. completed on the site of the update, but do not see the effect; when the rank is not high not low to increase income; when the owners still remain at the low level cannot improve…… Then what is the factors restricting the development of small and medium-sized webmaster? This is the problem often encountered in the process of construction, if you can not find a reasonable solution to the development of the site will only then always "stagnant", time is money, directly into today’s topic. How to solve the bottleneck and break through the restriction of website development, the author makes the following discussion according to his own experience:

in solving the bottleneck problem of website development, we must understand what the bottleneck of the website development is, and find the problem and find the root cause to solve the problem.

1: high standard, low starting point,

if the site you just play and site, this can completely ignore the past. But if you want to be a successful website, a good webmaster will listen to me. Many webmasters at the beginning of the site, have chosen the cheapest IDC, domain name the cheapest registered business, without any funds on the search out of the template. Good is owners to save money, but the drawback is obviously: the site space is not stable, open speed slow, a hundred IP website or simply drop right by the search engines blocked, and even some domain name server also constantly. This website also has many users are willing to stay? More favor to choose the same set of tens of thousands of people to use the template and how to win the new in order to be different search engines? Make painstaking efforts to pursue success, was the last stop at the "bottleneck site".

two: positioning error at the beginning of the station

selection in different areas, the development of space is certainly not the same, the location of a very popular industry category as a small webmaster how you from these old sites in what form to grab the meat, take on its competitiveness. On the other hand, a very special theme although the competition is very small, but when the development to a certain extent how to further expand your market value? Does not dig into new markets, so only this. For instance: the bowl only ten dates, even if you are a person to eat, so just have ten dates you eat. How to continue? You have only ten dates". Therefore, small and medium-sized webmaster at the beginning of the site should consider how the market, the most appropriate market is the most suitable for their own development.

three: individual combat,


the heart is willing, but the lack of force is the most intuitive performance, building a website is the most basic to complete: planning, building, maintenance, promotion, marketing, these steps. Even if you want to add a forum for building a "selection", also on the basis of requirements of individual stationmaster technology has the ability of handling, and certain capital base. Personal >

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