Exploring the development of independent blogs from celebrity blogs

independent blog believe we are not unfamiliar, from the Lou loose blog, Mou Changqing blog, to large and small names +SEO blog, independent blog the scenery degree is a little less than Amoy, Amoy website but it and have the same embarrassing situation, that is to make money the station much longer. Now the blog has entered a development in social media, more and more are no longer favored the once darling, but this does not mean that the independent blog is completely gone, the development of the deterioration of the environment, mainly from our own, below only with SEO blog as an example about the negative performance in the development of.

1 entry in the big and small forum or A5, Chinaz is well-known sites, we can see many bloggers open column gather popularity, do this but some bloggers apparently no ground for blame, do too much, comments and messages are their own words, do all of the contents are conducted around SEO no, a little meaning.

2, many blog is for SEO and to open blog, through the place name +SEO keyword model search engine optimization, get orders or industry reputation on hand.

3 article quality dare not compliment, pseudo original, plagiarism rampant, the real dry can not find.

4 blog theme single, often visit the SEO blog webmaster all know, your blog put the Buddha is carved out of a mold, the classification of network marketing, SEO search is always so few, although everyone at any time to record their do stand experience is a good idea, but will inevitably appear homogenization, in addition to this no other things, can attract people living things, a long time for the development of the site of natural disadvantage.

5, without diamonds, would like to embrace porcelain. When we are in a time when admire Lu Songsong et al blog we forgot his rash and too much in haste, there is a great distance with them, the first for the understanding of the depth of industry is not enough, so many blogs are a good gossip type running account, how this website will develop to


for the negative performance of above, I believe that many webmaster have appeared, so when you complain about your blog suck, look at yourself really do? At least in my opinion, only to get rid of the above several as Bo we have misunderstandings, development opportunities.

my own hand has an independent blog, so often that Lu Songsong leave a message, to increase their exposure to Lu Songsong’s success is sincerely convinced. For the first five points above he will not appear, he is really a part of your own blog as a life to do, to update, there are SEO, but as he himself said, "do more for you for me is not good, but I also found from his blog development some of the blog.

A blog has a clear theme, that’s right, just like Lu Songsong blog is the IT industry, the whole blog

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