500 million dollars How did Yi get the biggest financing in fresh history in the cold winterToot ta

at this time from the rise of online taxi just less than half a year currently, about 5 online taxi products launched the market. And what makes me slightly surprised is that, even toot toot car transformation, do online home service. I can not help but ask, when the online taxi encountered online housekeeping, the tragedy of the industry will repeat itself,


one, channel end plate including Yi Guo’s official website, APP, exclusive operating Tmall supermarket, fresh areas and other diversified channels



2, click on the map of different aunt labels, you can open the corresponding page, which has the evaluation of the aunt, and can click to dial the phone.

According to reporters at the scene of

Abstract: after joining Ali and Suning, Yi Yi plans to build an industrial chain covering the supply chain, logistics and operation. CEO Zhang Ye said, "as for when the profits, we also need to continue to accumulate resources, so that shareholders believe that we can achieve the goal.". Now, Yi has become the pacesetter in the industry, and when we want to make a profit depends on where our goals are."

3, the use of the product process without any payment link, the actual transaction behavior under the full line.

Yi fruit group’s business currently includes three plates:

finally, the online taxi industry ushered in a "shuffle" breath, tuk called the car announced the formal cessation of its business and transformation into online housekeeping.

financing limit true and false

, however, we are more concerned about the current situation of these three plates, whether we can prop up the current valuation and financing amount of "unicorn". By the titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan invited to attend the conference, when he was the first to "sharp" questions, questioning the authenticity of the amount of financing, "titanium media has always been to the sharp pursuit of truth is known, would dare to take the fruit is easy financing"

based on the above experience, I interviewed the original doodle taxi team’s two founders Yun Tao and Sun Lei now they created the e home cleaning. Before the interview, they had just finished a road show for investors, not even a toilet.

with this question, I first try this by taxi turned to online product — e home cleaning, the first reaction is simple with post: "I rely on this stuff, and online taxi software is too much like it!" so I will function logic of this product are as follows:

Yi fruit, founder of fresh Ye Zhang announced the acquisition of C+ round financing

said in the online taxi Yuntao, give up the product, they did not intend to leave the field of O2O. But during that time, they saw a foreign HomeJoy domestic product online won the Anderson Andreessen investment, in order to keep up with the trend of O2O shares investment, they decided to enter the field of online and similar taxi mode.

three, supply chain management formerly the "Quality Alliance" has been upgraded to "Shanghai Yi Fruit Supply Chain Management Co."

fruit of this company has founded 11th anniversary, easy fruit chairman and CEO Zhang Ye said at the scene, easy fruit "11th anniversary" also means easy fruit to let "food" more "easy", that is to eat more convenient. In this company for Twelfth years beginning, Zhang Ye announced fresh easy fruit will become "easy fruit group" – this is the second in May this year announced the easy fruit from vertical electric business transformation for the second time after the upgrade of the whole chain operation platform.

November 28th, was born in Shanghai fresh and supply chain platform, fruit fresh held a conference, officially announced the completion of a new round of C+ round of financing, and announced the company’s formal strategic upgrade, renamed the Yi fruit group. So far, the group continued in 2016 C and C+ round of financing has more than 500 million U.S. dollars, becoming the largest in the history of fresh financing.

after watching the product, I try to place an order. And dialed a high Auntie’s phone number. When I asked if there was time for cleaning on the second day, she said, "I haven’t had any time recently.". When I asked if I had recently taken the e’s clean list, Gao aunt said that she had not received a list from this product.

in the interview, I tried to compare online taxi with online home service. Painting >

two, cold chain logistics sector has been split independent "an Xianda"

rumors in the industry for a month "fresh biggest financing", yesterday finally sit real.

titanium debut investor statistics, easy fruit C+ financing investment group led by Suning, Goldman, mu, Heng Investment Bank of China international capital construction fund, Credit Suisse, fidelity, Sheng Road and three lines of investment capital and other financial investors combined with investment. Not long ago, the C round of financing, Yi fruit has been Alibaba group and KKR group investment.

at the same time, she said, when e home Jie found her because she in 58 city and go to market nets personal information, and then received the e home Jie promotion telephone. Finally, Gao aunt said, for this product, she just has "try" attitude.

heard here, I want to say, now online taxi mode remains questionable, heavy promotion, government’s obstruction, whether these problems will also appear in the "online home"? To no longer encounter online taxi experience, online housekeeping must avoid playing online car had problems.

1, the logic of the product is based on "instant" housekeeping service. Users can see the nearest "aunt" around the map.

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