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recently, Bai Baihe "derailed" incident not only in entertainment set off a wave of layers, and its aftermath has even affected the capital market. The flower stocks in the A stock market with two "lily", dream of lily, lily; another red shares from green to red, contrarian rise, the stock market is full of dramatic changes.

four shares are affected, free media in column

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, and Chen Yufan’s free media, started in July 2016


many of my lectures are based on many mistakes I made in the past. As Sam put it, in 2010, I went into the YC field and spent three years tossing and turning. Finally, I learned some taboos about wanting to start another startup after Homejoy. Failure breeds a great deal of experience and insight, knows what not to do, and uses it to sum up what you should do.

when you decide to start a business, you should spend a lot of time concentrating on entrepreneurship. But I’m not saying you should drop out of school or quit your job to start a business. I mean, you should have the time to concentrate so that you can focus on the idea of starting a business and the solution to your business problems. For example, if you’re in school, you’d better focus your attention on entrepreneurship for 1 or 2 days a week instead of one or two hours a day. It’s like coding. Because there are so many environments to switch over, it’s very important to be immersed in it.

The successful start-up companies

Homejoy as a focus on domestic service, one of the founders of Adora Cheung brought us a business need to pay attention to the twelve character principle of "making products, communication with the users, grow". As the saying goes, from outside the box. Let us look at Adora Cheung for startups to quickly attract users of

recently, because of the entertainment star Bai Baihe "derailed" incident caused a capital market "Butterfly Effect", including Chen Yufan shares free media, coincidentally, free media not only in the event of second released 2016 revenue of nearly billion in the dazzling performance in the recent stock price is all the way.


thank you for inviting me. Today, I’m going to talk about how to grow from zero users to large numbers of users. I think there must be a lot of ideas in your mind about increasing your users and thinking about what to do next.

according to public information, May 2011 Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in infinite freedom; July 2015 change to the shares of the company, and renamed Beijing unlimited free culture media Limited by Share Ltd "; in December of the same year, free media visit three, became the first China film marketing shares. Free media business including movies, TV dramas, TV programs, network drama and program providing accurate positioning, including delivery strategy, promotion planning, strategy implementation, marketing services, in the "Sherlock", "trouble man", "dragon will pancakes", "Tomb notes", "lost alone" many popular movies have left a classic marketing case.

but what happens in the end is that only a few people visited your site, and you didn’t get feedback from the original user, and there was no resident user. If you have some money, you can buy to some users, but it is not a permanent solution, you will eventually give up. It’s a vicious cycle, and I’ve been doing this before in YC. But after leaving YC, I didn’t release any of the 21 products

in fact, reading entertainment Jun view, Bai Baihe free media events on the stock price or have some effect, but is not, as the first China television marketing shares, it received in 2016 from the 2013 performance of nearly 100 million million camp, along the way, steady pace, and with the development of the film industry, Chinese increasing its volume of perhaps, free media will no longer stick to "marketing" corner, and then choose a bigger market.

wise remark of an experienced person!

and read Yu gentleman known by lily and Lily be implicated in trouble dream belong to Home Furnishing, chemical products industry; known hot rub red shares are engaged in the construction industry, both from the media sector. But the real "card" related party is Chen Yufan Investment Board Company – free media.


finds problems and becomes an expert on problem solving,

meteorologist Lorenz said that Amazon is a butterfly flapping its wings occasionally, perhaps after two weeks may be caused by a tornado in Texas in the United States, this is the famous "Butterfly Effect", said the little things in the system after magnified, it will bring great influence to some seemingly no related things.

first wrote this speech, I was wondering what was the most common mistake people made when they started a company. I think the biggest problem is that early entrepreneurs have the following idea: I have a good idea, but don’t tell anyone else, only of their own construction to improve the growth and then tell one or two people, and then released to the TechCrunch or other similar sites, then waiting to win a large number of users.

Bai Baihe "derailed" event is now "Butterfly Effect"


give you a piece of advice, and you should take the advice you take as an active guide. However, the enterprises and the industry are different, and there is a difference between you and me. Therefore, please bear in mind that the specific problems should be analyzed in detail.

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