Making money is more important than SEO strategyGold rush station novice to make money SkyDrive may

in the promotion of the forum, the most taboo is blind promotion. You should first make a direction for yourself, to see if you choose to specialize in software downloads, or video downloads, or anything else.

and the forum is different, compared to the time and effort we need to call the site, I think the novice to make money SkyDrive, BBS promotion is the best choice. Forum promotion has inherent advantages, we do not have to operate, and they have a lot of traffic.


promotion of forum resources is also very easy to find, the trouble is that we have to constantly test, filter. To find some SkyDrive forum, in fact, as long as the search SkyDrive download, the general forum allows SkyDrive to download, it has to define its keyword, or specifically engage in a classification. Pick out what we need from the search results, and then filter further. Don’t have a small amount of traffic; you don’t know what you’re talking about at this forum. Pay attention to the forum release rules, test again and again, in line with our forum to promote resources.

said no more, using SEO to make money, in fact, using the network to promote money, SEO technology will be free to operate, and not necessary to invest a lot of advertising capital. SEO’s money making strategy is divided into several categories, selling and selling products in the words of Wang Tong. I am here to sort out a few more representative methods of making money, share with you for reference.

Forum promotion is in fact the best choice for SkyDrive promotion, I do not deny the self built download station or resource station, the effect will be better. But 1 new sites will have thousands of downloads in 1 days. That is, the day IP to achieve more than 1W, conversion rate of 10%, this is already a very objective figure. The minimum would be 2 to 3 months. Unless you are running XX station, it is possible to have a large number of downloads in a short period of time.

most of the grass roots webmaster just started learning SEO, very passionate, SEO technology to the extent of obsession. We dream some day in the future can be the next Wang Tong, the next Zac, however, the reality is cruel, when we see a lot of tutorial, or operate a large number of sites found, SEO way is not our imagination of so good. SEO is a technology, but also one of the means of promotion. As SEOER, you can choose to work for someone else, but when the boss no longer chooses SEO and is biased toward bidding, you are no longer working. SEOER can also choose to work for themselves, do their own products, do their own promotion. I Zheng Qiuming think, this should be the development direction and outlet of most seoer. SEO technology is dead, using SEO to make money, to support themselves is alive.

high lower, patience is the typical novice. And SkyDrive is the most taboo that two points. Early in the search for promotion of resources and release of resources, no patience and perseverance is not able to do. Found the resources, but also to study the rules of the forum. Now many forums are set restrictions, for example, when the novice just registered, the amount of reply you need to achieve, you can send a topic post, or BBS level need to achieve how much you can send the chain. And many novices do not have the patience to operate slowly. They want a forum where they can publish their resources and promote them at once. Can be very clear to tell you, there is no such resources, and some, it will not last long, the amount of downloads will not be large. You think, if a forum can allow members to wantonly promote their own resources, then that forum from advertising diffuse day is not far away, absolutely not survive long.

promotion resources, or to the promotion of the forum, I actually hope that the release of resources can be strict conditions, so that competition will be less, the forum will be durable.

resources need constant filtering and testing,

personal blog home, home station will have a personal blog for the site is also a lot of professional. Foreign such sites profitable way is very direct, as long as you write the article, you will also be divided into advertising. Domestic stations seem to be taken directly, No.

1, advertising, information,

star class, young people in this group of customers accounted for the mainstream crowd. Spending power is very strong, the popularity of the Internet is also high. To tap the young market, we can start with this kind of thinking. Andy Lau’s fans network, search for the first, the artist is rotten, the content is also very rotten. It can be found that a large number of links within the site are commodity categories such as signature posters, custom clothes, compact discs, and other gadgets. I don’t catch cold with him, but crazy fans doesn’t think so. This kind of site is few, professional, and the market is yours. Don’t neglect.

, for example,

promotion can be difficult

Forum promotion is actually the best choice,


SkyDrive make money is nothing more than those models, and everyone’s operating practices are similar. However, most of the new higher in SkyDrive money, will soon give up.

Caipiao class, you can imagine most of the mentality of the people, most of the grassroots webmaster, like me, certainly feel very unreal, and obviously know that the information is false, why spend hundreds of thousands to buy?. An informed friend revealed that such a website could reach millions of ads a year. The nature of information itself is an important source of Internet users. And most of these websites have professional SEO operations. Game SF class, black chain of the world, most of them are SF, we can see the short line operation, SEO most successful should be sofa site. The industry, of course, is profiteering. SF is illegal, but SF navigation optimization or advertising station is no edge. Your investment doesn’t have to be high. Search for hot games, and you’ll find that most of the SF has not yet entered seoer.

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