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today, the Internet has different yesterday, this is an era of change, the Internet research and service website owners give us a lot of inspiration, opened the door for us to do the Internet, open a window.

A5, with webmaster and website as the center, collect the latest and latest webmaster information and information. Provide webmaster services, training, trading and business information, as well as all free servers, free domain names. To create the most popular owners circle trading atmosphere, is the home of the webmaster growth. For beginning to do the webmaster you, I he provides a lot of information and services. Should say is a lot of grassroots Adsense often in place, but also access to the Internet must see the website, understand the station, you also know a lot of webmaster story.

iResearch, iResearch, is a focus on network media, e-commerce, online games and wireless value-added and other new economic field, in-depth study and understanding of consumer behavior, and provide market research and strategic consulting services for the Internet industry and traditional industry customers professional research and consulting organization. IResearch contains a large number of Internet users online data analysis, you can clearly know what you want to do is not like Internet users, you will be how to better enhance the user’s experience?. So, really want to understand the Internet, Ai Rui must be on the oh.

when we answer these questions deeply, we can confidently enter the Internet, and we will be more determined to do what we are doing and what we are going to do in the future. On the Internet, some websites point out some directions for us.

TechWeb, senior network of journalists by a group of love, love the Internet news to create, maintain, and Internet news, you know what, I do not say much, it will do for you to open a door to the internet.

company is built by people, is the founder of the soul of an enterprise, BAT, Ma Yun, left Robin Li Ma Huateng could not now BAT, mature companies like this, not to mention the start-ups? But in the initial stages of a project, for entrepreneurs to assess the difficulty is very large, because of the lack of "entrepreneurs" data, enterprises need the financial and operational data, the entrepreneur evaluation too, because of the lack of entrepreneurs is the lack of data, also very deep understanding or difficult to understand, so can only rely on perceptual judgment, moreover, entrepreneurs data such as "character" and "innovation ability" and "inverse" business "" leadership "resilience" implicit information more difficult in a short period of time,

real fund Xu Xiaoping said in a very good way: "angel investment soul is cast" angel investment is the first judgment factor, second is the project, but to judge a person is really too difficult.


then there is no solution to this dilemma? I think the first "love" and "marriage", not to license, we love to talk about a right to marry again, is not suitable for us is not married.

CHINAZ, head of the home for personal webmaster and enterprise network to provide comprehensive website information, the latest and most complete source code download, massive material, powerful search site optimization tools, website traffic statistics service and one-stop network solutions. Here, there are a lot of dry goods, let us do the Internet has become a lot simpler, and want to enter the Internet is bound to enter.

currently, our angel investment is still at an early stage, although the prime minister Keqiang constantly in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation, encourage capital to carry out angel investment business, has given many preferential policies such as tax and other aspects, but the relative VC and PE capital scale, angel investment scale isn’t worth mentioning. Most of the angel investment is the subject of business in the exploration stage, there is not much financial data, almost all aspects of the company is in a chaotic state, angel investment only a possible future investment. The state of the subject determines how difficult it is to invest in angels. Asked 100 people, "angel investment is not difficult?" I believe that the answer is almost the same, "difficult", the data show that angel investment failure rate is 96%, the success rate is only 4%. Angel investing, it can be said, is a game of jumping between hell and heaven.

Internet give us many opportunities in the grassroots, to enter the Internet before I want to have a step is must go, that is the understanding of the Internet, the Internet now is like this, what is happening on the Internet today, the future of the Internet and what predictions, and what can we do for this era for what do we grassroots network, for the future of the times.

DoNews, China’s largest IT writing community. A lot of IT people are here to speak, to express their views on the Internet, read the news in IT, interesting things, it should also give us a lot of inspiration for Internet users.

so, investors are not able to change an identity, together with business partner’s identity and entrepreneurs? Through venture together, gradually learned from practice, enhance the entrepreneurial cognition in the process of entrepreneurship, and comprehensive results and process again further judgment, although the joint venture, but the role of our own will still be very clear, we are not entrepreneurs, we are investors, entrepreneurs in the dominant right hand, joint venture is to let each other know more about each other, avoid the wrong marriage".

has been in the past few years to angel investors, managing partner of venture capital fund is the Beanstalk workshop, cast into a lot of investment projects, also failed to feel keenly aware of many projects, angel investment is indeed facing many difficulties, there are some feelings of hope to share it with you.

is very much today

dilemma 1: the soul of angel investing is to throw people, but it is too difficult for people to judge


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