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, figure 1: This is the user interface design

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simply speaking: user experience UX the overall experience of a product or service, including the user interface UI. UI is usually made up of visual design feel and appearance and interaction design how to operate. However, UX can cover many subjects, from industrial design to architecture to content. I painted a picture more than a year ago, as follows:

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tableware, plates, tables, chairs, these are user interfaces;

4. designer Ed Lea’s answer: Ed has made an information map, which has been finished by @ design

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food, service, atmosphere, these are user experiences.

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update: simplify again: UI is what users use to interact with your product. UX is how users feel when users interact with products.

2. interactive designer Dan Saffer’s answer

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, figure 2: This is the user experience design

Figure 3: user experience design

means roughly: a fly is etched with a black outline on the toilet. If a man who has urinate sees a fly, he aims at it. The Fly in urinal study showed that 80% of the urine was removed from the outside after etching the flies.

original text: Quora compilation: Bole Online – Huang Limin

The English in Figure 2

uses a restaurant for example:

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, "" User eXperience and "user interface" User Interface, the difference between the terms, it should also some friends do not know. In 2010, there was a question and answer sticker on the Quora, and there was a lot of replies. Translation part of the higher number of votes reply.

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