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in January 18, 2013, Sheenah was looking for a team operation. After the operation to le bee network team, in just 3 months period, Huan type sales grew rapidly, the hottest one T-shirt sold more than 5000 pieces. After the initial success, music bee homeopathy introduced spring and summer "that small sample."".

on-line only a month, 51Talk get it real angel investment fund; not long ago, and risk investment institutions DCM millions of dollars in investment. At the end of 2012, 51Talk has more than 100 thousand registered users, subscribers over a million subscribers, monthly average growth of more than 20%.

reporter Zhao Na reported in Beijing

venture before the song: TalkChina

The three founders of

renowned electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that now the electricity supplier to acquire new users higher cost, and quiet Jia route is millet, Apple fans economic line. With the aid of TV program resources, music bee can reduce users’ acquisition cost, and with the help of brand, music bee form word of mouth effect.

The first venture

good brand positioning, Le bee network and borrow TV programs, micro-blog, WeChat and other channels to promote, to achieve the smallest mass production scale sales. For example, the smallest mass production of cosmetics is 10 thousand bottles, clothing minimum production scale is about 5000, and some T-shirts of the smallest units, or even hundreds of pieces can be. As long as we reach this scale, we can basically not lose money.

hundreds of million or even several million oral English training has been many English fans pain, "lejinkuyaodai English" is the English learning of the strange situation. Plus round-trip time cost in training institutions, many interested in learning English people.

Huang Jiajia began in 2007. At that time, to graduate from Tsinghua University Huang Allison and Shu Ting see online language training market opportunities, but considering the China market is not yet mature, so the language training "the first station" in japan.

at the end of 2011, a series of "parity English training" of the concept of online English training site "51Talk" on the line, compared to similar online training institutions of course every class 45 minutes hundreds of yuan fee, 51Talk per hour 25 minutes the fee is only 15 yuan.

to 2011, Allison Huang Shu Ting out of TalkChina, the Chinese training website has been among the Japanese language training site before three.

this is Le bee network in the Internet tide clothing test the water. Previously, Le bee network with its own brand – Jing Jia successfully beach cosmetics electricity supplier, and found a profit model. After 5 years of operation, "Jing Jia" cosmetics in 2012 sales of nearly 400 million yuan. In addition, Le bee network also launched its own brand of health care products, clothing. And these own category in the whole bee net 1 billion 900 million yuan in sales contributed 30%-35% share.

51Talk, 28 year old Huang Jia Shu Ting, 28 years old, Jia Caijian is 30 years old. Although the core members of the team are young, but his business experience can be traced back to six years ago.

by virtue of the unique advantages of the promotion, "Le bee network" as the representative of the vertical electricity supplier, "Daren’s economy" operating too fast.

Huan’s name is "fashion" Hunan dialect pronunciation, has repeatedly appeared in Sheenah’s "happy camp" program. Later, Sheenah felt that the name was a little interesting. It was named the commercial brand name of the word "Hunan dialect" directly. In the "Le bee network" launched on the gay T-shirt page, Sheenah exudes the temperament also gives "Huan type" free, lively, direct, happy, positive brand connotation.



Huan brand comes from Sheenah, a well-known TV presenter.

in the retail sector, to create a brand, to cultivate a brand, and successfully realize large-scale production is not easy. Such data, for a start-up Internet skincare brand, is a good result. With the help of star Master, lefeng in the small run, small scale production way to achieve economies of scale in the Many a little make a mickle.

2010, Huang Jiajia and the Aussies lottery business core technology of Jia Caijian met, CO developed a Japanese oriented group purchase site navigation, jointly carried out the revision of TalkChina. So far, 51Talk start-up team basically take >

people’s brand "Huan type" case

April 16th, Sheenah "Huan" brand new spring and summer "that infants in Le bee line in just 4 days, booking volume reached thousands of pieces, even if it looks like most of the T-shirt is" the small "pre-sale price is 159 yuan, compared with the same trend for young people 29 yuan every guest a lot of your t-shirt.

in 2007, after graduating from the University of Huang Jiajia into Japan’s largest trading company MITSUBISHI, Shu Ting went to University of Tokyo to pursue a Masters in linguistics. At the same time, Huang Jiajia is also responsible for the recruitment and management of TalkChina in the Chinese teachers, build the Shu Ting focus on the study of second language teaching system, a Japanese partner in soon after joining the TalkChina team, jointly responsible for the specific business of the japanese.

"at that time where the customer has just started, online shopping was not so popular now. We think this thing do have difficulty in China, while Japan’s relatively early development of the Internet, so the first in Japan to do this thing." Over the same period, the Chinese language training school for Japanese network "TalkChina" on the line.

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