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1. for free

Wang Baochen: it’s not clear…… Perhaps I have been "technical" thinking, I think so, in life, can not trouble others is no trouble, for "connections.""…… I do not work hard, not cattle, X, can not provide too much value for others, and blindly "expect" the so-called network of people, what can I expect? Perhaps I am wrong…… Or these people also understand, they are accumulated connections + self training synchronized!…… Maybe, huh, huh,

personal AdSense and advertising alliance. A grassroots power that represents the Internet is the foundation of the Internet and the source of development and innovation. And the advertising alliance as a form of advertising network, provides an additional source of income for tens of thousands of websites, the website of the cash flow, so that the flow has completed the conversion of the value, so as to help the owners to better operate websites, to realize their dreams, transformation and upgrading. At present, advertising alliance is still the main source of income for individual Adsense, and relying on individual Adsense, advertising alliance can be further developed. However, from the recent situation, the development of personal AdSense and advertising alliance can be described as "ice and snow double day", showing a diametrically opposed situation.

Raysmond: entrepreneurship, or some of the accumulation of entrepreneurship, experience, knowledge, contacts, in fact, are very important. Entrepreneurship failed, the accumulation of things still. With these accumulated things should be able to find a job, can not find words, then these years, entrepreneurship has been what,

personal Adsense advertising League status quo "ice and snow double day"

4. in order to make money.

in 2010, China’s online advertising market reached 35 billion 630 million yuan, an increase of 71.8% over last year. IResearch analysis, China’s online advertising market in the next 3-5 years will be 50% of the speed of development. The industry believes that the development of online advertising market, to promote China’s 3000 million SMEs unconventional development, and even leveraging the entire Internet economy, have a breakthrough significance. In the advertising market increasingly prosperous situation, a lot of advertising alliance in 2010 instant rise. Although there are still some problems in the advertising alliance, such as integrity crisis and illegal operation, the rise of the whole advertising market


students have little experience to accumulate, and the success rate is small.

seems to make sense,


Godaddy host domain privilege Code: 2 years ago, I also encountered the same landlord situation, then from the communications industry monthly salary of 5K resigned to start business, invested nearly 10W, with great confidence to start business

5. because entrepreneurship is hot

2. for the "dream"

, each of us wants to start the business is not the same, then how to view entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is simple? Look at the sharp views of users.

data released from the beginning of CNNIC, as of 2010, the total number of domain names dropped to 8 million 660 thousand, of which.CN domain name 4 million 350 thousand. The number of sites dropped to 1 million 910 thousand, and.CN to 1 million 130 thousand, accounting for 59.5% of the site. The decline in the number of sites related to the country’s increased security in the Internet sector, the quality of the Internet and other basic Internet resources as the "water" overflow and improved. Although the number of websites declined considerably, the number of Internet resources, such as web pages and web bytes, increased substantially. In 2011, with the continued decline in CN domain name, network regulation continues to develop, the number of domestic websites will continue to decline, the webmaster entrepreneurial environment is facing severe test.

entrepreneurship is a hot topic at any time. Many people are full of infinite yearning for entrepreneurship, then what is entrepreneurship for

interactive: to tell the truth 24 years of record industry, 25 years old, failure, failure, through the industry, 26 years old, and entrepreneurship… Looking at the feeling of failure,

3. because I don’t want to work or can’t find a job


in the ten way of making money: I believe in China, everyone has a dream, in fact, entrepreneurship is very simple, but I ask you you borrowed money? There is not money to escape experience? I believe everyone has the kind of taste, and pressure it’s no fun? But if you have to do the boss, we must first think that if 100 people ask you for money, if you can bear the pressure, if not, or persuade you to find a job, or a jump.

in the near future, there have been many webmaster response website record number is canceled, through the survey found that a part of the site due to record information problems of false or record by the record, so the website record number was canceled in the new round of review. The beginning of a new round of filing review, indicating that the state for individual owners will further strengthen the review. While the large infringement case before the date of the five ministries of supervision in Huaian cracked, seized the server more than 370 units, also shows that more and more attention to the protection of copyright, will increase the network piracy fight. Comprehensive analysis, in the future, the record review website will be more and more strict, but for web content restrictions will be more and more, many in the past can do the website will not do, individual stationmaster faces upgrade.

South Korea University: entrepreneurship is the best work of the first campus Belle 3-5 years later, when the mind is more mature, the more clarity of things! If you start very early start, is generally difficult to succeed! I have a friend inside the school, is now in the business, the campus e-commerce, has invested more than 100 thousand or, did not make an appearance in

himself must have some value first,

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