Analysis of domain name investment money makingValentine’s day brings competition e commerce sites

China Internet Network Information Center is our country domain name registration management organization, all China domain name all manages by them unified. The number of private domain names in China has exceeded 1 million, and the number of part-time and full-time speculators registered at various domain name trading websites has reached fifty thousand or sixty thousand. It should be said that China’s domain name transactions are still in the initial stage of formation, but the media continue to disclose that those who transfer the domain name overnight flourishes, leaving a false impression. As a lucrative investment domain, you can sit at home with money. However, so far, the success of the domain name sold is certainly a small number, sold to large companies to receive dollars example is rare, so the domain name investors should be rational to face the domain name investment!

! in Chinese holiday economy to the traditional business in the more obvious, especially before and after the Chinese traditional festival and national day long vacation is obvious, the commercial market presented Gouxiaoliangwang scene. However, as a traditional business, seems to be made in foreign holidays on efforts to get the effect is not obvious, the main reason is due to the Valentine’s day, Christmas and other western festivals, Chinese is not a holiday, not long holiday pull, there is no shopping season. In traditional business, it seems that only flower shops and restaurants can get a slice of it.

as China Internet emerging economy, e-commerce industry seems to create in the west before the holiday atmosphere more acceptable, after all, in the absence of holiday festival, through the electronic commerce also can let them enjoy the romantic holiday. According to reports, in the eve of Christmas, the major e-commerce sites have a substantial increase in business volume.

in the network the traditional mall is unable to create the atmosphere, can be easily created in the online mall, in each big e-commerce sites, most of them already hit pink as the theme of the page, and made related topics. Joyo the continuation of the previous 48 hours of action "promotions, in their home with a large length of the" Valentine’s Day Countdown ", is very moving, in addition, according to the joyo responsible person said, will take the opportunity to launch the" Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day in the fashion channel". And Dangdang is the use of the current most popular "bird flu" composition chapter, launched the "flu flu" topic. Bertelsmann online although not as excellence, Dangdang launched as a large format, however, is in a prominent position to launch the "Valentine’s Day special, special products are in fashion.

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in the online mall, flowers sites the biggest move, almost all websites have launched a special, and preferential measures greatly. However, the reporter also noted that in the flower site, competition >

short domain name is very valuable, the three domain name any one is worth more than a million dollars. Some investors use the domain name cybersquatting first principle, some short domain name, which is why those earlier in the domain of investment people make a pot of gold. Case 1: Apple Corp buys iphone domain names for millions of dollars. Case two, six rooms buying costs millions of yuan. Collect and treasure your domain name. One day you will find yourself a rich man.

domain name investment, making money in the IT circle has not been anything new, how in the end rational face domain name investment, what kind of domain name has investment value?

brand promotion with the old, and in July minus 500-1000 yuan

in people’s thought there are only mentioned several names that is worth, in fact some of the spelling of "famous" the domain name of the website or some have done station name, there are ten more than IP in every domain, you have more than twenty through the foreign domain at the advertising business, every month to keep estimates have two hundred dollars.

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has a certain sense of domain name, almost all English words and Chinese Pinyin domain names are domain name investors registered object. These domain names according to practical significance, there are different market prices. In 1999 the business domain name, entrepreneur Jack · winebaum Jake Winebaum and · Sky Dayton Skye; Dayton to $7 million 500 thousand to buy the domain name, the domain name of a maximum price for a single shot of the selling price.

international entered China, it rushed the brand into domain name, and it was a shortcut for many investors to take advantage of the value of the domain name before the domestic famous enterprises have realized the value of the domain name. The success of the Beijing company’s shlf1314 registration may prove that the road is accessible. However, such investment methods often lead to controversy, and courts have also occurred. Want to earn money in this way, you need to have the psychological preparation for the lawsuit, the upfront investment is also more than the registration fee is so simple. Once the court decides that it is a malicious attempt, it is likely to achieve nothing.

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