Hangzhou hand travel team most of the loss making cry 2 years burned 7 millionPLUS about Fetion off

newspaper reporter Zhang Yunshan

this year’s hottest mobile phone game is "my name is MT", currently has more than 23 million registered users, the game developers moving music excellence, last year to live this year but distress layoffs, valuation of more than 1 billion yuan. The myth of "getting rich overnight" inspires countless young people to fight day and night in the mobile game industry.

Hangzhou hand travel team mostly earn money to cry

players switch from computer to cell phone

mobile phones and other mobile intelligent devices popular, so that mobile games show the potential of volcanic eruption. Mobile games are booming in 2012.


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Li Min sets 1 hours of playtime for each child. In a moment, the son will come with his mobile phone. "Mom, can you fill it up?"." Li Min reluctantly complied, click the "OK", a few yuan toll was drawn away.

app store analysts Distimo research shows that the "angry birds" cumulative downloads exceeded 1 billion, the cumulative downloads of "fruit ninja" and "Temple Escape" also reached 300 million and 170 million respectively. Domestic mobile phone game, "my name is MT" and "big head" of the monthly water has already passed 20 million yuan, the monthly flow of 10 million yuan game, "one million Arthur Wang", "fishing man 2" and so on.

Mobile Games development than gambling flourishes and also crazy, three years have failed

, Hangzhou, there are about 80 hand travel teams, relatively large, less than 10, only four or five have won the venture capital." A VC manager told reporters that although the hand travel market is hot, many participants, but the real money to earn less than 1/10, more in the loss of money to make a cry.

7 million two years burned

According to the

  due to the expiration of the contract, Fetion will be offline in September 30th
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mobile games use the player’s fragmentation time, before going to bed, travel, queuing, waiting for the car, and other people or meals, open the phone, playing games has become a common scene. Statistics show that 80>

hand swim into the largest gold mine

in the work of a design company of Li Min, a home, mobile phone will be the son of snatch, with a few paragraph son’s love to play the game, "zombies", "angry birds", "Temple Escape", recently was a "crazy guess song" and "my name is MT".

according to Analysys think tank data given by the show, in the first quarter of 2013, China Mobile game market reached 2 billion 167 million 900 thousand yuan scale, growth of 30.26%, a record high. According to the current growth momentum, 2013 hand travel market size is likely to exceed 10 billion yuan. Faced with the trend of game users migrating from the PC platform to mobile devices, large client game manufacturers have accelerated the intensity of transformation.

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