The job process of graduating studentsDo Wangzhuan how to maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind

Taizhou Ace SEO also mentioned, do Wangzhuan SEO mentality is very important, today, Taizhou Ace will talk about how to keep calm in Wangzhuan, make yourself always in a calm state of mind. First of all, forget about the things that make you feel unhappy. If everything let our mood darkened, so we still have time and mood to continue their work? Because the SEO or higher, we often encounter many feel not happy things, such as website ranking dropped, the site was K, reduced income, website a copy, there are so many things that make us feel depressed. At this point, we should maintain a smile, peace of mind.

, A: a foreign company’s Flash production company,

also hired some Taobao positions for the post and was hired by a Taobao operating company. After the train to work for Taobao, after a long day of work on that, resolutely not to friends in the office.

also face the problem, not dizzy with success. Don’t preach for anything. Don’t be conceited. Achievements are past tense, the road forward is still winding and long. Only prudent, work hard, get more power forward from the achievements in the understanding of the direction, in order to obtain more stable income.


is very simple, this generation of operating company strategy is not to long-term development, to word of mouth to win the market, but can flicker a few. Friends work there one day and see with their own eyes. A customer service MM talks with a client who has expired the contract, and the customer’s last word is "you are the liar."".

in Taizhou, Ace SEO to tell you, whether it is SEO or higher, the psychology is really very important. This article from Taizhou marriage investigation jiebang007 reprint please indicate, thank you!

A is a good company, contracted foreign Flash production, the treatment is very high, the basic monthly salary is 3500, so the hiring requirements are very high, the company this year to recruit a total of 10 people, 8 of whom are already quite good flash production experience, while the other 2 are graduates of is more prominent in the Flash production capacity. My friends in the fierce competition to regret losing, from here the profound experience that this year’s graduates not only to compete with each other, but also with their predecessors for general school competition, the general level of the graduates, the reality is too cruel.

then stick to their identified goals, even if it fails to continue the challenge! As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success, where a fall get up where we have a not discouraged heart. There are many opportunities to make money on the Internet, but opportunities are for those who are prepared. On the basis of their own strength, recognized a goal, no mind to move forward, there should also have the courage to challenge in front, not afraid of failure.

graduates this year 6 million 990 thousand, and coincided with the economic downturn, enterprises downsizing layoffs, has become the most difficult employment season in history. Recently to accompany a friend to apply for a job, quite with emotion. A friend is the design, graduated from normal two colleges, the general level of technology, is the ordinary university graduates, in recent days the job experience fully experience the most difficult employment season to the plight of graduates.

, B: a Taobao operating company,

Before the

fourth is always grateful for criticism. We will not criticize others It is without rhyme or reason. we must hold to correct mistakes, when being criticized the attitude. Take other people’s criticism as a concern and an education, and learn from it the power of progress. Finally, face the rumor. Many people have doubts or disdain for Wangzhuan attitude, think of a person to computer every day doing a dream is very naive, very silly things, occasionally they have some inappropriate verbal irony be inopportune or inappropriate at this time, please, stabilize their emotions, to yourself full of confidence. It is not our words, but the quietly increasing revenue figures in our accounts, that are most favorable to them.

the current generation operation market quality is uneven, many sellers of Taobao, for those who do not make money for the purpose to help customers on behalf of the operating companies provide a survival of the soil, I want to emphasize is to choose on behalf of the operating companies, try to choose a good reputation on behalf of the operating companies, not because of the high price to turn to those irresponsible on behalf of the operating companies, to draw money.

the company Taobao and Tmall business on behalf of the operator, according to friends feedback, the company claims to have more than 5000 clients, each staff based on the average of 20 customers docking, daily work is to meet customers, but the real work of the train just before the work in random update keywords and the price, in order to show the results of the work, when customers like this company will ask for effect, with all kinds of excuses to cheat customers or business all nouns do not understand their customer service even more customers do not understand. Because the salary is not high, the outlook is uncertain, the company’s customer service rarely has three months to stay, the turnover rate is very high, customer service operators can imagine the quality of electricity.

In the process of looking for an animation company position, the author of the

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