Taobao You need to have these 7 skillsNorth Canton sorry ‘m going to start a business in Chengdu a

, that’s the most important thing. To shop, you may have no experience, no traffic, something more expensive than others, the credibility of worse than others, perhaps a few months without a single business, want a sound is full of advertising, but if not insist on doing it, you will never see the spring.


………… .

Chengdu, a city of leisure and struggle.


4, will brush single

what? You don’t know what a brush list is yet. Nine brothers can only say you’re really a tucson. Hurry to the next "express number generator" software.

5, know some photography knowledge,

3, unique vision,


in Chengdu, you can soak in the national art small capital wins the place, absorb nutrients;

nowadays, more and more young people are reluctant to take part-time jobs and turn to Taobao. However, when you give up your job offer, you’d better make sure you have the following 7 basic skills for opening a Taobao store.

if business is good, the biggest amount of work you face is packing. So, want to open Taobao shop, first physical training.

gathered here in IBM, SAP, NEC, GE, new electricity, HUAWEI, Alibaba and so on nearly 500 domestic and international well-known enterprises. Frontal frontal forehead…… Do not worry, the most important thing is that there is a place for customers – Tianfu Software Park pioneer for the creation of customer service.


thought, the company of spirit, the partner, the brother in the life, the ecological circle of work, life, innovation and Entrepreneurship – Tianfu new valley. Gathered here more than 10000 entrepreneurs, settled in 523 enterprises, to "carrier construction, incubation operations, financial services" three functions to promote each other.

6, good physical strength,

in Chengdu, you can stay in the eastern suburbs and remember the hybrid kingdom of music and industry.

2, good temper,

fast, the shuttle in a veteran in battle, venture capital circles swordsman – very coffee

where do you have a unicorn? Where is the gathering place for creative guests? What support policies does the government have? Where is the efficient office space? Where is the other shore where the entrepreneur stops?

these days, what people have, especially Taobao: some people to burst foul language, some people give you bad review complaints you sell fakes…… Although you may not have committed it at all, there are people who will come to see you. So control your anger and don’t pay for other people’s mistakes.

The collision of

in Chengdu, you can be immersed in the venture capital circles bustling more, to achieve business bigwigs scriptures.

doesn’t have to be big enough for SLR or PS, but you have to make sure the pictures you take are high and big.

takes the industry as the breakthrough point, from the incubator to the accelerator, to create differentiated incubation.


here, bamboo shoots cool, want to say: North Canton, I’m sorry, I want to go to Chengdu entrepreneurship, do not find me again,




in the homogenization of serious Taobao, the vision is particularly important, and strive to do a little bit of specialty, and store style unity. A little more prepared on the market and the total stock demand, immediately after the season as soon as possible to clear out, let the store often have fresh things.

others in the office talking when you at home in front of the computer, when people travel on your own computer, leave people out of eating at home in your own home in front of the computer, you know all the world from the computer, make new friends and fewer opportunities, bear lonely, you will be mad!


in Chengdu, you can visit the Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley, a cup of tea, and the old man talked about life;

, A, B, C, D, E…… Think of these simple letters and sparks that hit the building – Tianfu Software park.

Abstract: Chengdu not only has many talents, but also has strong stability. According to bamboo mushroom cool understanding, Chengdu is currently gathering a wide range of personnel resources, such as Tencent, HUAWEI, Alibaba and other well-known Internet Co have gradually entered Chengdu. They come from famous companies, they are willing to fight, they choose to start a business, they walk in the Chengdu venture capital circle.

bamboo shoots and mushrooms will tell you loudly – Chengdu

7, perseverance

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