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does not shop, then go to the factory to work. Finally, in a fitness equipment factory stabilized inside, is like a site all day labor workers, pull the car, and cement all day dealing with.

bought the computer, I began to play , go to the movies, some of the first play should be played. Then go to work during the day, and go home at night to learn how to make money online.

me, a real country kid, born in a village in Jiangsu, Pizhou. When I was a little boy, my parents told me that I would be successful in college after I grew up.

in the evening to go home to do online money, and later found that the advertising Union has to do the site, and in the video after a few lessons, but also to do the site, I saw the liar out. >

bought the computer, half a month before I installed a computer broadband, I am anxious to death. When broadband installed, I am happy, simple, is the happiest thing in life.

finally, I was disappointed with my parents. I went to the music school for the girl I like. On the back of all the people do not understand and despise the eyes of my music on the road.

I think so simple, one day to register ten, ten yuan, a one hundred yuan. I’m full of curiosity and desire for making money online. I use the book in the evening to write the knowledge in the book, second days to work, at noon to see when the rest.

before you buy a computer, I have heard many people say that the Internet can make money, also can drive Taobao to sell. But I didn’t have a computer before, let alone make money online.

remember that Taobao customers just rise, competition is not too big, and that many owners are also not do long tail keywords consciousness, the author skillfully seize this opportunity, the first three years of my website, construction of network entrepreneurs on the road using a set of open source CMS program Oh, this is a milepost although! Debut, but because many still know some knowledge of the SEO website, launched less than three months have no small achievement, three months down I remember I have earned $more than 3000, the night will take a few good buddy out a stamp. But because of the later CN domain good times don’t last long, remediation then the author use the CN domain name, cheating ah, plus the rise of real Taobao customers, a large number of old and new owners began to join in, I feel the competition is more and more big, so in no circumstances eventually chose to give up.

" a some time ago, the author of this article records the early hardships of my three years Internet business road, the article uses "to earn a pot of gold" and "the first time was" the two experience to tell the majority of new friends two lessons that just want to in the world of Internet rapid success must have an experienced veteran with you the feeling is somewhat similar, and playing network game Oh, also don’t believe one, pie in the sky, even if lost, will not hit you. Below I continue to write this article, I hope the same can get the support and encouragement of the vast number of A5 friends!

at that time, online search, online money making, online money are some of the business to join the project. It can be said, want to find some ads like Union, Witkey tutorial can not find.

that was around 2010 October. I used my first salary in the fitness equipment factory for nearly three thousand bucks, and bought my first computer in my life. Since then, I have started the road of Network Entrepreneurship,

in the end, hard work pays off. I was in contact with one of the earliest ad alliance CPA projects. I see the video introduced, if there is a person registered, there are a few dollars, there are dozens of dollars.

, Wangzhuan

well, because of the time, I’ll write it first today

unconsciously, I have accompanied the Internet, walked through the four years, in these four years, there have been surprises, there have been sad, there have been unforgettable bits and pieces. If you like, I’d like to tell you what happened to me in the past four years,


wrote above experienced the first experience of being cheated, I decided to calm down, carefully study a period of higher technology and experience, and then start the two undertaking. This study, I spent half the time, of course, is to have the harvest, it is law, I passed in the first half of this year to study, understand the outflow of website construction and related technology, say really is a kind of CMS can be used as a program to build the station. In addition, this half a year also let me know A5 webmaster nets this good place, through it I learned some SEO related knowledge, but also know a lot of old and new webmaster friends.

gave up Taobao after the way out, because the hands have accumulated some of the capital, so quickly invested in other projects. Listen to the group friends that do station group is still relatively good, so decisively chose to stand group. But we did not stand at that time you now so relaxed, there are so many tools to help you manage the update site, the author but by hand to update the site of the ah. At that time I have erected 20 light website, update the site every day it would take me a few hours later, after a month’s dream to struggle, I finally received from shlf1314 union dollars in the next month, a total of $more than 700.

Network hard venture Road three years of college students with "

after school deceived into MLM a year out of business in Lianyungang, a half day, half a day to purchase a stall. Later, when he returned home, he opened a toy shop for three years and ended up closing. I have been working on the construction site for over a month.

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