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choose a good use of the CMS program to do a website is crucial for Taobao’s general guest website CMS program can, novice I personally recommend using ZBLOG, simple and convenient, the Taobao customer program to the new plate also provides some simple procedures, some basic people can choose their own familiar the program, one of the most important point to consider is the safety problem, too many programs do not use loopholes, provide free download online everywhere when used to note that there is no back door, a lot of people do Taobao customers, website ranking and flow up to do, finally could not come to see their original money. The PID was modified, this is the website security problem, I personally used CMS a lot, I recommend the CMS Empire, I used a CMS vulnerability at least.

three, start optimizing


is currently Taobao customers enter the novice webmaster very much, I am writing this article is to put the entire Taobao guest single page website operation details, I will try to say I think are important things, which may have some omissions, we also understand it.

1. Select the CMS program

After installing the

two, analysis keyword

selected program, after analysis of keywords, to optimize, first of all, according to the practical situation of the new column, you can update the feel good, can create a few columns, less time, less construction of two columns, each column must ensure the. Taobao for the guest website, we are the main keywords optimizing page, content page can not consider keyword optimization, because even if the content page flow, my personal experience, these flows do not a transformation, therefore, we focus on the optimization of the front page, and the most important is the home of the title, this place. That should pay attention to word good website title, then keywords and description tag description, these two labels at present for SEO has no role, Keywords can not write to write, also do not stack keywords, description must write, although not for SEO, but the labels are for people to look at, how to attract users to click on your website, you play a gift, I will not go into details, the next step is the first page of the visible place operation. Here a few simple said, "


specifically, let’s take a look at the list of start-ups in the Tencent in 2015.

, after Ali, we’ll look at the Tencent department. The orange IT database show that the Tencent work experience of entrepreneurs included a total of 354, which is included in the Tencent in 2015 the Department of entrepreneurs is 139, in our inventory information service platform launched by former employees of the organization, the Tencent and Antarctic penguin solo club more concern, with former employees to the service object of the two platform, to provide them with talent, resources and investment and financing services. Among them, the Antarctic Circle in 2015 also won the Tencent Angel round financing, in the old master recognized at the same time, but also formally embarked on commercial road.

analysis is the most important keywords, sh419 index you will see, I want to say here is that attention to the index is not true, many customers are Taobao keyword brush is very fierce, the word sh419 index could be hundreds, but you may not do the first few traffic, such as the following "breast oil formula" index is obviously being painted like this.

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