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may be luckier. Xu Xiaoping was moved by me and gave me some money. I forgot how to fix my first few team brothers, I remember when I went to our CTO wife for dinner, I talked to her, she is not technical, very smart, very smart, she firmly told my friends say, this one can, you do it together.

recently, I and the entrepreneur emcee Li Yanglin made an online interview, just go back to what you say, even a few drops of tears, really touched myself, I hope you will love, know there is such a idiot, go such a long way, hope you also like me. No longer confused, anxious to give up, chasing the dream.

kisslink is endorsements launched second products, the first product three dads, Jingdong broke the Internet to raise public record: single month raise 11 million 200 thousand of all. With real fund Wang Qiang’s words, kisslink founder Zhang Zhaolong, is also able to bring "dream" entrepreneurs. The following is Zhang Zhaolong’s dictation:

introduction: I also write code lying on the table a few months ago, no beauty eyes on me to stay, no business "endorsement" column for me, nor Xu Xiaoping’s investment, I also have confused, suspect that he is not too proud. Also hesitate, tell yourself, life is actually like that.

yes, I can’t see clearly or see clearly. Because the mobile Internet still belongs to a new field, although there are many star enterprises and individual minimally invasive team through the mobile Internet to earn pours, which originally had some gains in their team in the field of transformation into the mobile Internet.

actually, as a cock wire, I like you, go to now, there are quarrels, crisis, betrayal, moved and tears. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, I can still remember that night and raise the public Jingdong general manager Gao Hongcai brothers wine, he said, so many people, do you know why you touched me? He said because you sincerely, you don’t like my game, I have to pay for this your brother the. I had three years to lock myself up, and that night I touched him four or five bottles of beer. Later, it was a shame that our conference kept him standing for hours.

program, I was an entrepreneur in the Internet entrepreneurs conference site friends, is also facing this problem, only focus on product development, and to impose their will on enterprises and end users, and not really understand and study the deep-seated user demand, this is also the majority of entrepreneurs encounter problems. Through communication with dozens of entrepreneurs, I summed up in the mobile Internet business, generally encountered the following two major issues:

mobile Internet is recognized as the next ten years can really change the business model and way of life of the Internet mode, reading from a simple network early end to mobile phone, mobile phone shopping now, the Internet is not only the innovation way is derived, habits change. Especially in recent years the popularity of smart mobile phone, Jingdong, including Tmall, Amazon, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, business, news and social networking portals will be mobile Internet as the main battlefield of the next few years. Big brother’s war has also brought opportunities to the webmaster and micro entrepreneurial team, so thousands of mobile APP came into being, but they are familiar with the mobile Internet and strange.

I have a brother a little lucky, always support me in my anguish, a monthly salary of ten thousand struggling for a long time, he introduced me to Chinese top investment partner, he said he is the boss, I met the highest IQ and people. Endorse me.

Zhang Zhaolong, founder of kisslink router,

sponsored by the Discuz 2013 Internet entrepreneur conference held at the Beijing International Conference Center in May 11th, the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs to participate in the same temperature outside the venue, the temperature continues to rise. This is also my second time to participate in the Internet Conference held by Kang Sheng, every time the participants are harvested a lot. Compared to previous years, this year’s conference is more significant, not only because the theme of the conference focused entirely on the development of mobile Internet, but also because of the ideological spark of mobile Internet innovators collision.

recently, I participated in the CCTV business column "give you one hundred million" recording, this is a file of entrepreneurs and investors docking column. On the spot, I met an entrepreneur who customized APP for enterprises, and they built a development cycle evaluation platform for APP development teams and enterprises in addition to helping traditional enterprises to develop mobile APP. His entrepreneurial ideas seem a seamless heavenly robe is not difficult to find deep talk, however, his understanding of the development of mobile Internet companies only stay in APP, and it is easy to help the enterprise product information to the mobile phone, do not pay attention to APP end user experience. With the development of the Internet, whether it is the PC user or mobile phone users, for direct advertising has a strong immunity, especially for APP download more initiative under the condition of enterprise AAP and can not play a real value. As a matter of fact, my prediction is correct, and none of the five investors at the site are willing to invest in a simple market.

10:08 this morning in the Jingdong to raise the public, I told all of our brothers, to refresh, let every friend to help you forward, the product line of 30 minutes, the congregation raised to 300 thousand yuan appreciation.

In addition to the

first of all, we must think clearly about the nature of entrepreneurship and pyramid selling. In fact, entrepreneurship is a manifestation of responsibility, I came out to start business for their own family, I hope to make their family a little happier, of course, in the process >


Jingdong all raised partners said, you are very MLM temperament,

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