A few site is down right up

4, included a large number of reducing

snapshot suddenly stop

site is down right there are many, not necessarily is the one place you do not, the site is generally used to punish "integral punishment system" that is to say, the site has a place to do is not good, then the search engine will give the site a sub plot, the cumulative punishment standard reached that might lead to the search engine punishment, punishment in general form, right down, ranking disappear, flow reduction, and even K station etc.. Well not much to say other, into the business, how to judge the site is down right.

2, keywords ranking drop very much

5, site, domain in the first

3, the chain dropped

said here is the unique name of the site, such as the company’s name >

website optimization process often encountered because some optimization way due to improper website search engine drop right, but there are many of my friends do not know how to judge whether a site is down right, and today we discuss how to identify whether a site is down right.

6, search site name or specific words in the first


website The

, if the new site or domain is not in the first, there is no need to fear too, because the site just on the line, low weight, not in the first is normal. But if an old station, before site and domain at first, but after the update is not the first, then to pay attention, the general site is a problem, certainly not an absolute. But it should be enough to pay attention

if your site before normal, then suddenly stopped or changed for a long time to update a, believe that many friends in the station have experienced, so you have to be careful, this is very likely that the site was down the right symptoms.

this phenomenon many webmaster friends often experienced, met the search engine update site outside the chain plunged thousands or even tens of thousands, most of this situation is the quality of the website chain problem, of course, if the reduction of dozens, hundreds, that may be the search engine information integration on the Internet, to delete the duplicate information, which do not need to worry about however, if the chain plunged more than half of the normal amount, so be careful

The This situation points to the

site included suddenly much less, or even by a sudden stop included only home page, then no doubt website search engine right down

site keywords fell very badly, in front suddenly fell into a dozen or even dozens of pages in the page, before home a large number of long tail keywords also disappear, so this situation also can determine a site is down right, especially the performance of long tail keywords. If the main keywords from the front fell to the second page or perhaps the algorithm changes the pages.

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