For you to resolve now sites are often black reasons

from the literal meaning, open source program source code is open to the public, so the website what vulnerabilities will be found, it will be the first time in the network upload, if we can make the corresponding patch, so the site can easily be black. However, we have to consider the benefits of open source program. The first is a free open source, can greatly reduce the cost of development, we are very love it; secondly, the open source program to facilitate the development of two times, easy to expand our post on the website function; thirdly, the open source program is free, if the site maintenance service is not good, we are easy to site to other companies, so the choice of open source the program website is very good choice.

, a website using the open source development

said on site security can only start from the self, as the site administrator, regardless of is the enterprise of its own management, or by the site on behalf of the company management, should have a website security awareness is low, need to do a good job site safety maintenance work. Before the site safety maintenance work to do things that have been introduced, this brief overview: (1) choose a secure website space; (2) safety audits do website related to the account; (3) auditing website related rights; (4) on a regular basis website source code and database backup; (5) check tampering website source.

The above is the Ji’nan

two, the relevant laws and regulations need to be improved

three, on site security awareness low

network has been developed for many years, however, network related laws and regulations are not perfect, compare the network is a virtual market, it is difficult to manage. This left openings to exploit to criminals, many unscrupulous attack others site, because the site using the open source program more website security features, greatly reducing the cost of attack, but also greatly contributed to the rise of black industry. From the current situation, the short term is not right, can start from their own.

for online often mix of people, hear or see the website was hacked seems to be not that often happened, always thought that none of my business, even an armchair, compassionate and so What can be done about it?? why websites today are often black and black? Is the proportion of sites seem to have a lot of ah. Here, we will provide you the analytical site now is often black reason.

website maintenance for you to resolve now website is often black, although some aspects we cannot change, but some aspects we still can do. The site to prevent black or the need to begin from me, improve site security awareness. What if you have questions, please consult us; if you really cannot fix a hacked website, welcome to contact us to help you free.

Although the

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