Experience the website is linked to the horse how to keep the rankings

Before 3,


We all know that

1, the web page and program revision, the replacement of the FTP space, and set up a "read-only", to prevent another attack

is telling a solution, he needs to tell you a basic situation of the website, 1, domain name age more than 1 years; 2, the website linked to the phenomenon of the horse found earlier; 3, keyword index is about 200.

1 home, black chain is love Shanghai included, and report dangerous website


2, Robots shield spider, update the Robots file

2, the original site of the page directory, shielding and hacked the folder name, banned spider crawl

3, set 404 page

site map, let the spider crawling website, after the revision of the page.

this is the first step, waiting for the love of Shanghai website it is 0, to the following:

2, FTP space to upload a lot of folders, folder which contains tens of thousands of spam pages.

4, the site domain garbage page, record and submit the death of

I have two station encounter this problem, although it takes a little time, but also has a smooth solution, take today to share with you the experience. (Note: the domain name of the website for more than 1 years of age)

the last step to do keyword layout, breadcrumb navigation, page optimization, to update frequency high quality web content every week, resolutely implement down, and then observe the progress of site in Shanghai in search engine. A new website is quite lucky, about one to two weeks, returned to the third page ranking.



1, Robots

Keywords , in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Tools

site was hung black chain, especially hung N+1 much junk page, after the Shanghai love search engines, light is the site keywords ranking fell, while no keywords ranking.

is how to solve it? in Shanghai Webmaster Tools allows spiders to crawl

1, web site was hung black chain

as soon as possible to find the problems and solve the question.

3, dropped dozens of

2, a lot of junk love Shanghai website page

The result of

site was linked to horse, on the current Internet environment, is not what strange things, Aga’s cognition on this aspect is still relatively high, after all, had stumbled over here, especially DEDE open source code program.


program or server security, delete, add delete… Has been in the fight with hackers.

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