Analysis a new station on the line optimization of my ideas

second, a new station on the line after my own content update strategy. The new station is submitted in October 9th second days in Shanghai is love love Shanghai included, included the author to update the article, you can see the updated article is October 11 at present is included, the contents of the author’s idea is after submission of love Shanghai, within the normal working day every day to write good articles. Sometimes a sometimes 2, the reason is that the operation of the new line, you can add a lot of articles, but the number is too often their thinking would be limited, inadvertently into repeating a dead end, the result is that the quality is low, although a different title but the user is not very new, let alone. The search engines look not said any fresh sense and value, so the idea of the author is to grasp the quality, every morning while clear When writing an article to the 2 high quality articles, can be released, although this time they are updated every day but the love of Shanghai was indifferent, I think this is normal, need not be impatient, patience is the key, so to do it in the station of the new.


as everyone knows, the new on-line optimization techniques and ideas and the old station often have a huge difference, is the main railway station, no weight, the line after the first pass is to love Shanghai after the assessment, in the love of Shanghai, not our website ranking, even for a long time will not change this collection. When is the most easy to get and the problem, the author of Xi’an cabinet online line for a week or so, the normal working day every day, the current situation is included 2 article, now I share a later stage for this station optimization ideas, we first take a look at this.

third, the chain construction planning stage. Of course, the new station on the line after the first month or in the station for the update, the chain construction ideas > after a stage of the

first, the layout of the site keywords analysis. A new station on the line after the layout and analysis of key words is the foundation of enterprise website navigation is the company profile, product display and so on, is the key to the general layout keywords three tag three tag syntax is the core, we look at me for the title of the operation, in order to avoid the disadvantages of simple writing as the title of the suspects as soon as possible. To reflect, to optimize the core words in particular: Xi’an Xi’an Xi’an _ cabinet wardrobe _ stove – love Wei Er Xi’an [] the main cabinet official website optimization words for Xi’an Xi’an wardrobe cabinets, so in the title, repeated 2 times, finally with the product brand name. Keywords marks can not write, writing description tags: Xi’an Xi’an Xi’an kitchen cabinets wardrobe professional manufacturers, love Wei Er Xi’an Xi’an specializing in the production of custom wardrobe cabinet manufacturers, tailored to your Xi’an whole wardrobe cabinets, Tel: * * * *. Keywords natural to layout period, repeated 2 to three times, finally or contact to write on this basis to consider their own company name.

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